Limited Resources 41 – This One Goes to Eleven

This week on Limited Resources episode #41, Ryan and Marshall do a follow up on the Esper Charm debacle, talk about Hornet Sting, and for our main topic we break down M11 limited by color as a primer for the upcoming release events.

Here is the link Ryan mentioned about the Esper Charm ruling:

Here is the link for the article Ryan mentioned about Harrow and intent of your actions:

Here is the link for MaRo’s article regarding the color pie:

Thanks for listening and Happy Pre/Releasing from the LR crew!

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One thought on “Limited Resources 41 – This One Goes to Eleven

  1. I kind of disagree with Ryan re: Crystal Ball vs Looter. With Looter you just get a card.. it might be a good card, it might be a junk card. With the Crystal Ball, you see what is coming.. if its a junk card, you put it on the bottom of your library and avoid drawing it altogether, effectively filtering your draws to get the good stuff on top. This makes it superior, IMO.

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