Limited Resources 423 – Rivals of Ixalan Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis take you through the Rivals of Ixalan Set Review: Common and Uncommons! That’s right, your Limited Resources walk you through every single common and uncommon in the set to help you prepare for the prerelease, release, and subsequent events. 

Gold Pair Cards: 0:06:09

White: 0:21:09

Blue: 00:46:05

Black: 01:10:14 

Red: 01:36:20

Green: 02:05:00

Colorless/Land: 02:28:55

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8 thoughts on “Limited Resources 423 – Rivals of Ixalan Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

  1. You guys whining about the reprints just ignoring the fact that sets need staples at common for draft, and them having to make the second best option for the small set. At least they got them new flavour text, and are trying to make it not just everyone waits for pack 3 for their value.

  2. Jungle Creeper is a support card for the explore mechanic, since explore is centered around green and black. When exploring you dumb this in your grayeyard to cycle through you deck and in late game get it back in your hand.

  3. I think Aggressive Urge sucks. You mentioned that trading a 2/2 and +2/+2 for a 4/4 feels bad, but Aggressive Urge does literally nothing in that scenario. Then you said that making your 2/2 trade for their 3/3 and drawing a card is good, but +2/+2 in that scenario is just better, and would only cost one mana.

    Aggressive Urge sets you up for a break even on cards, where you trade your creature and trick for their creature and a random draw, but a regular combat trick trades for their creature on its own, which also leaves you even on cards but preserves your board presence.

    This card would be solid at 1 mana, at 2 it’s bad.

  4. I’m a tiny bit disappointed at this repeat sign-off. But I guess I can’t be too disappointed at what’s essentially bonus material.

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