Limited Resources 425 – Rivals of Ixalan Initial Impressions with Kenji Egashira

This week on Limited Resources Marshall invites Kenji on the show to get his initial impressions of Rivals of Ixalan Limited!

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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One thought on “Limited Resources 425 – Rivals of Ixalan Initial Impressions with Kenji Egashira

  1. Maro explained the flavour behind path of mettle on one of his podcasts, and it actually makes the card make more sense. The idea is that the tower is a dangerous location, full of traps. The only type of creatures that can avoid the traps and be undamanged initially are those that have an ability to do with speed (vigilance is apparently a speedy ability, the character is so fast that they can attack and then get back to defend as well). After that, you need to send in at least two creatures that have the speedy ability to penetrate the tower’s defences. Once you have, you can use the ability of the tower to attack your opponent or, if they try to attack you, they spring some of the traps and lose attackers.

    It’s got a lot going on, but it kind of makes sense when you think of it like this!

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