Limited Resources 427 – Alpha Set Review with Ben Seck

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis welcome The Ben Seck back on the show to go deep on the best and most important Magic set of all time, Alpha. The guys walk you through the groundwork and innovation that Alpha laid out for the future of Magic, talk about how so much of it is still relevant today, and even look at some of the quirky mistakes that were made in Magic’s first set.

You don’t want to miss this one! 

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11 thoughts on “Limited Resources 427 – Alpha Set Review with Ben Seck

  1. The laces guys. Not only were there a set of them, they were awful AND they were rare. Nothing can feel worse than opening a lifelace etc in an Alpha pack. 😉

    • Got one beta starter back in the day. My rares were Purelace, Timber Wolves, and Volcanic Eruption At least I got an Icy And a Serra in my uncommons, but still. Trifecta of disappointment.

  2. Also wanted to say that I really liked the early art and quotes. Now things are completely homogenised, generic fantasy tropes. Once upon a time there was actual ART and even a little big of culture to be found in the game. Coleridge quotes on a Hypnotic Spectre? How cool is that?

  3. I loved this episode. I listen to limited ressourses for the magic strategies, but this in dept discussion on game design was fastinating.
    Would you please do more content on older sets? – Maybe make it a patreon goal.
    Tell us why ice age and homelands were bad, or to strategie guides on them, if they ever show up on flashback draft.

    • I don´t think so 🙂 Listen carefully at 22:00. It sounds like they open a pack of Rivals to get the crackling sound and then read up a fake/generated/proxied pack. And of course, LSV being LSV can´t resist the temptation to break the illusion, and Marshall plays along.

  4. I love the old art style because the cards felt like pages from a real spell book; mysterious, occasionally ambiguous, but with the feeling of an illuminated manuscript scribbled by some ancient wizard. I remember imagining that my deck was my personal necronomicon, unique to my experiences and crafted after years of magical research. I still love MTG, but the actual “magic” feeling is pretty much gone.

  5. Great episode guys. I like the normal strategy/latest meta discussions/level ups but I would love this to continue as an ongoing series of episodes for every set. Even if they don’t hold as much nostalgia or offer less to talk about than Alpha I would love your insights on each set highlighting their positives/negatives and what mechanics they introduced.

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