Limited Resources 462 – Level-Up: Fundamentals of the LR Approach

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis give you the broad overview of the LR approach to Magic, gaming, and life. The guys start with the theoretical stuff, move to the practical, and then show you how it’s actually applied. 

As a takeaway, they also give you some insight into how to approach Guilds of Ravnica from a big picture perspective.  

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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3 thoughts on “Limited Resources 462 – Level-Up: Fundamentals of the LR Approach

  1. Heya guys, love the show. First time listener here, from across the pond, in the UK! Where can I learn more about the fundamentals you mention, 50 mins in?
    I’ve googled out your CABS and UBER episode, but you mention so many other concepts. Can you point me to the best eps for this, please?

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