Limited Resources 468 – Going Optimal on Arena with Ryan Spain

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes original LR co-host Ryan Spain back on the show to talk all things MTG Arena! As a former game designer for Arena, Ryan has the inside track on how to go optimal, giving you the inside track on how to grind for gold, gems, wildcards, and ultimately more drafts!

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5 thoughts on “Limited Resources 468 – Going Optimal on Arena with Ryan Spain

  1. Hey guys. Fantastic episode, and I’m loving Arena. On the “End Turn” issue: During the closed Beta, “End Turn” (or the Enter key as a shortcut) was F6 for quite some time, and you could hit Shift+Enter to F8.

    After a while, for the feel-bad reasons you pointed out, the situation was reversed, so Enter (or clicking the button) was F8, and Shift+Enter was F6, and that’s how it’s been since then. The UI doesn’t make that at all clear, but if you look in the Settings, there is a section that tells you about the various keyboard shortcuts, making F6 still an option.

    Just figured you’d want to know, and that it’d be good to note for listeners next episode (and if Ryan still has pull at WotC, worth passing along that it’s a UI/communication issue rather than a bug). Thanks!

  2. Hi

    Great episode! Im all in in to Arena and im lovin it! I can play Magic again with 2,5yo and newborn! That was terrible when there were only those way less complex card games avaible for casual gaming before MTGA!

    I have question here and maybe Ryan would be able to answer it. Is deck power very important in matching? I realised that i either play good players with medium power decks or new players that tap pre combat but they just have more mythic and rare then commons in games… This is one of those feels bad moments for me. When You just lose to bye like we used to call it on my city. I mean it happens to everybody but in MTGA it feels like its way to often.


  3. I appreciated Ryan’s explanations of some if Arena’s development decision-making. Helps me appreciate design aspects that seem suboptimal to me when I know how they ended up there. Thanks guys.

  4. Loved the episode, but I have to say that the reasoning for not having a dust system is very bad.
    The truth of the matter is that MTG has A LOT of junk rares, A LOT MORE than Hearthstone, so if we were able to turn 2 junk rares into a playable one the economy of the game would collapse, I’d have all my shock lands already. Everyone would be able to craft their tier 1 deck being F2P after a week of so (faster if the cards that you get from the beginner decks were dust-able).

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