Limited Resources 472 – Ryan Spain Returns! (again)

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes LR co-creator Ryan Spain back on the show yet again to talk Arena, game design, LR origins, and streaming! 

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4 thoughts on “Limited Resources 472 – Ryan Spain Returns! (again)

  1. I think Ryan Spain is wrong when he said in Bo1 Draft in Arena, a 0-2 records does not put you in the loser bracket anymore. The system matched you with a player with the same rank than you AND the same W/L records.
    Of course if there is not opponent with these criteria the system go beyound that but it is certainly very rare base on the player base.

  2. The podcast isnt appearing in the feed of my podcast application, it had a socket timeout exception and tried to connect to to get the podcast, i dont know if this is an error on the application ‘s end or yours, I just wanted to let you know. The application I use is called podcast addict.

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