Limited Resources 508 – Cube Refresher – Not Having Cheap Cards is Expensive

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis do a quick cube refresher since we are in the last stretches of the current draft format. What is a cube? How do you get into cubing? Why is not having cheap cards expensive? Which cards in cube are actually important versus which seem like they are but secretly aren’t? All of that and more in this episode of LR!

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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2 thoughts on “Limited Resources 508 – Cube Refresher – Not Having Cheap Cards is Expensive

  1. Do you have link to your vintage cube you mentioned in this episode?

    Also do you have any budget cubes (under $200) that you think play super well?

  2. I’d suggest Adam Styborski’s Pauper cube if you want something mainstream and well-recieved, but I don’t know the price on-hand. There are also some incredible cubes if you dig in MTGSalvation’s forum and Riptide Labs.

    Also check lists on, that’s the new site people are gravitating towards with cubetutor’s uncertain future.

    But if you want my recommendation for a budget cube? Start with your collection. 55 of each color, 25 artifacts, 3 of each guild and 30 nonbasics and you’d have pretty good cube full of the cards that *you* love. So long as you use cards designed to be of a similar power level you can figure things out through trial and error.

    And the internet is full of advice when building cube. It’s often contradictory, but that’s something you should expect when it comes to a very subjective mtg format.

    Start with r/MTGCube on reddit. Browse some posts, do some searches and try out a few drafts. Then go to Riptide Labs for in-depth discussion. Neither need an account unless you want to post there yourself.

    Best of luck!

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