Limited Resources 588 – Timespiral Remastered Primer Show

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis get you prepared for Timespiral Remastered! This is an extremely complicated set, so listen in to get prepared for any events you’re doing!

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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One thought on “Limited Resources 588 – Timespiral Remastered Primer Show

  1. I did it! I won a draft! listening to this was the very thing that got me there. I’ve never been great at drafting, and in turn, never had a solid run in a draft. I was listening to Constructed Resources, as I’ve just got on the MTG podcast train, and heard about LR. I knew I was going to be playing a Time Spiral draft with friends that Friday so why not give it a listen. I ended up building a B/W rebel prison deck, B/W rebels being a selling point, as it was talked about being very straight forward. I took it 4-0, and it ran AMAZING! I wanted to thank you guys for the show and all the knowledge shared. It made a real difference!

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