Limited Resources 604 – Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Review: Common and Uncommon

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis do the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Review: Commons and Uncommons! We’re back to traditional two-color pairs but with a big twist that Luis loves and Marshall needs explained to him: Dungeons & Dragons! This heavily themed set packs a ton of references to D&D but also seems to be a deep and overlapping format on top of that. The guys walk you through all of the commons and uncommons in the set.

Timestamps by Color: 

Gold: 00:06:45

White: 00:36:58

Blue: 01:34:35

Black: 02:19:10

Red: 02:51:18

Green: 03:29:40

Artifacts and Lands: 04:05:30

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