Listener Survey on the Lrcast Subreddit

LR Listener Garrett Gardner made an interesting survey on the lrcast subreddit. The information is super interesting.

You can take the survey here if you want (you don’t have to be a reddit user, but you should be!):

You can view the results here (whether you take the survey or not):

2 thoughts on “Listener Survey on the Lrcast Subreddit

  1. A few hits from my perspective on some of the topics regarding the survey discussions…. My wife plays Magic, not near as much as I do, she just doesn’t have the desire to be as good as she can be in this area. She likes diversity and forces me to play other games when I’d much rather be playing Magic in whatever form. I encourage her to go play with me at the local store and she will 2-3 times a year. She likes the game, but doesn’t have that drive like me or my son and, unfortunately, my daughter is the same as my wife. In my observation, girls find other things more important than playing a game… of course, I don’t agree with them. I also have friends with families that play Magic and their gender split resembles my own family. I don’t know any girls in our play groups or store that is interested in playing the same game over and over, even though it is ever evolving and the greatest game ever crated. I try though and I try.

    GP’s… I live in the middle (Tulsa, OK), there aren’t many GP’s in this area. Standard and Modern dominate the GP scene as well… and I’m a limited and casual player as is my friends for the most part. If Dallas, OKC or KC had more Limited GP’s, I know many who would travel to these locations to be more involved. Getting expensive decks together and play testing to be able to compete in constructed is difficult, unless you are single, have a high disposable income and can spend a lot of time practicing and don’t forget the travel. Example: 2013 our store had approximately 30 people attend GP OKC (Limited), 2 months later, we had about 10 people attend GP Dallas/Ft Worth (even though the weather was horrible). This coming September will be Modern in OKC and I only know the same 10 people who are planning on attending. The main event may not be the only reason to attend a GP, but it is the biggest draw to get people there. Those who are super serious about being a Pro play a lot of Limited and would like to see more Limited GP’s… not that you have any input on the tournament scene.

    I think it should be something to consider that CFB start their own circuit of events in the Midwest and West similar to Star City…. did I mention more Limited events?

    Also, I’m changing my vote to “Bear on a bicycle”, mostly because I love LSV’s explanation and it applies so often….

    You guys are awesome! I love this game and this podcast. I listen while I work and when each episode ends, I’m looking and wishing for more. The show is entertaining, informative and just the best thing out there for getting people to level up. I’ve been playing for a very long time (17 years) and my biggest level up was listening to LR. John was great, Brian was better and LSV…. well, he’s my favorite Pro and I think it’s awesome he’s now on my favorite show. Thank you for all you do!


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