LR Exclusive Dragons of Tarkir Preview Cards Qarsi Deceiver, Warbringer, and Artful Maneuver

Hey all, we’ve got three Dragons of Tarkir preview cards for you today!

We’ll take a quick look at them now, but rest assured they’ll be discussed at length on LR 275.

First up we have a blue uncommon that doesn’t exactly pass the Vanilla Test but could definitely play a role in the upcoming format:

Qarsi Deceiver_LR_20150310

Quarsi Deceiver enables some pretty cool stuff while holding the ground game admirably. The awkward part is that it costs two mana, so you can’t power out morphs any sooner than you normally would be able to. But down the line a little you get to start flipping things up a turn sooner, which is huge.

The real question is how many of this kind of effect do you need to make it worth playing?

Our next card is also uncommon, and also helps you pay for things. Sort of:


Warbringer definitely brings some war. At first it looks like a Hill Giant with some upside.

And it kind of is. But there are some crazy turns you can enable with this guy. You coud even set up a turn where you cast him using dash, then dash in like two Goblin Heelcutters or whatever and swing a game that looked like you were going to lose.

Warbrigner doesn’t make it easy to get full value from him, but he will be scary to stare down from the other side of the table, that’s for sure.

Our last card is a white common:

Artful Maneuver_LR_20150310

Artful Maneuver hails the return of the rebound mechanic in Dragons of Tarkir. First things first: this is just an OK combat trick. It’s one that is certainly playable, though, and the fact that it has rebound makes it a lot more desirable.

Even though Dragons of Tarkir won’t have the prowess mechanic in it, we can still use it for multiple triggers with the prowess cards from Fate Reforged. 

Luis and I will talk about these cards (and more) on episode 275 of Limited Resources!

– Marshall

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