LR Special Edition – Inside the Elite Magic Mind with William “Huey” Jensen and Ben Stark

This week on Limited Resources Marshall debuts a very special episode of LR. This episode was entirely post-produced, allowing a much deeper look at a given subject.

Marshall had a chance to talk with Magic Hall of Famers Ben Stark and William “Huey” Jensen about what separates the very best players in the game from the merely great. You’ll get an incredibly in depth view at the moving parts of the elite players of our game.

If you are looking to level up to the very top, you won’t want to miss this one!

Thank you to everyone on the Patreon and Channelfireball for supporting the show and making special projects like this possible!

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23 thoughts on “LR Special Edition – Inside the Elite Magic Mind with William “Huey” Jensen and Ben Stark

  1. This podcast was absolutely incredible. Thank you for all your efforts Marshall. I’ve been playing MTG for 2 years, actively watching and listening to Magic content for advice. Nothing comes close to the quality and insight of this episode. Everyone should take the hour to digest this podcast. As it’ll save 1000’s of hours of incorrect evaluation and thought processes in their Magic career.

  2. Hi Marshall. This was one of the best, if not THE best episode of LR. It really showed/sounded(?) that you put a lot of hours into it. Will re-listen to this one every now and again to remind myself what mindset I need to strive for. The reason I like episodes like this and level up episodes as well, is because I can apply them to more things in life than just MTG. Even though I have been mostly playing Hearthstone (yeah I know blasphemy!), I feel like I have a leg up against my opponents because I apply valuable information of these kind of episodes to that game as well.

  3. I’ve been playing competitive Magic for 12 years, and reading strategy content every day. What you created here has given me more insight than any one piece of content I can remember. Please do more.

  4. Absolutely amazing. I appreciate the time put into this. I hope we can get more special editions(great name for these episodes too!). Joined the LR patreon because of this episode. All Lr episodes are worth paying for, but I almost felt guilty listening to such a great episode without contributing. Thanks!

  5. This was an amazing experience for me as I am currently trying to ‘level-up’. This single podcast, start to finish, was full of knowledge and experience coming from two of Magic’s greatest. Thank you Marshall for the amount of love and hardwork you put into this project. Look forward to the next special edition.

  6. Marshall, as a long time listener of the show, as well as a podcast aficionado I’ve got to tell you: for me this was up there with RadioLab, Invisibilia and 99% Invisible as far as the content and the storytelling quality goes.

    I’m a huge fan of the work you put up and I hope to see more of this kind of content in the future.

    From a fan from Brazil, thank you.

  7. I learned how to play magic in September of 95. And I play FNM 45+ times a year. So I am better then average and so forth but this podcast gave me some new perspective. Thanks for your work and maybe make this a 1-4 times a year type of special edition shows that deliver really deep into (combat step, or priority, or when to use removal) like a level up show X10.

  8. Strong effort in learning the post-production techniques really showed. There isn’t much that you can’t do anymore if you take the time and effort to learn using open source or reasonably priced tools anymore. Imagine your next efforts will go quicker but this still seems like a pretty time-consuming process on your own. Will definitely be looking forward to another one, until then keep up the great work on the conversational podcast.

  9. Marshall,
    I’m just a geek dad with a smart son who has some very bright friends. We’re pretty heavy board gamers and magic players. For us magic is a great father son hobby and we both enjoy your podcast. This was an excellent piece of work. You asked for input and I’m just adding my thumbs up, hoping you will continue these types of podcasts. Appreciate the hard work and creative efforts you put into this. Look forward to listening to many, many more.

  10. Marshall, that was really great. There is no reason you should think you should not do these shows. Excellent information, fascinating perspectives brought by your guests. It is extremely valuable to me to know how pros look at the game. The decision tree concept is one that could probably use more unpacking. It seems incredibly important to learn how to do this. My one piece of constructive criticism is that i noticed in the beginning that your prerecorded voiceover felt more like you were reading it than organically saying it (of course you were reading it, but try not to feel silly treating yourself like talent and using your acting skillset to manufacture). I give this 99 out of 100 stars though! Thank you so much for this and all of the wonderful content you produce 🙂

  11. Just wanna share my love for the guests and the cast again on your website guys. Lovely work yet again, this post-produced stuff is very intriguing, and high quality too. Such a lovely change from the usual format. Still love that mind, but this is a cool gift for us! THANKS!

  12. I ‘m sorry Marshall, I know you put a lot of work into this(I have produced content myself). As you mentioned in the sign off, you lost the fun and conversational feel to your regular show and for me that loss was not recouped by going deeper into the question of ‘what is the mind of a great magic player and what could I/we do differently.’ There was not much I heard that I have not heard before. Much of what Ben and Huey said comes out in bits and pieces in pro tour coverage or LR conversations so I didn’t feel like I gained much in that aspect. I also felt that the summary segments were a tad labored in the way you were driving home the point you wanted to make.
    I think the show succeeded in being thought provoking and I found myself looking back on certain games more critically, particularly along the lines of what Huey said about negative emotions and how we can forgo games with low win percentages because they can feel terrible.
    I prefer your usual shows for the following reasons: 1) The chemistry between yourself and Luis makes for a fun, entertaining and lively show. I listen to your show driving home after a long work day and it gets me excited about the weekend’s magic ahead. That show where you guys drew analogies between basketball teams and magic decks was hilarious. 2) what I might gain in terms of the broader bigger picture of succeeding in magic from this type of show- I’m not convinced that it offers significantly more than a typical weekly show. When you guys talk about individual cards and situations, it’s implicit that you are maximizing your odds of winning and adopting the view of what it takes to be best player. The macro is evident in the micro. You’re employing the critical thinking in action. I do think that it is valuable to have a show like this episode every once in a while to come back to the broader view of what it takes to succeed, but frankly that’s less interesting to me than the specific level discussions of card choices and the merits or otherwise of individual cards. I already have a good understanding of the philosophical ground of how to improve, and the gritty discussion of the nuts and bolts of magic is what is going to further the goal of getting better at magic for me.
    Ultimately, it’s like what you said in another episode about podcasts: people expect a certain product, week in week out. I left the show missing the chemistry and fun of the usual episodes. As an aside, I would love to hear a show you produced about politics or current issues, though if I am honest, I probably would not listen to it as faithfully as this show. Keep up the excellent work, your shows are getting better over time. I loved the show with Ben Stark.

  13. hi, thanks for all the contents you do.
    This special episode is nice, i enjoyed it.
    One minor input: i think you should give this episode a number.

  14. Marshall. This episode was excellent. I look forward to LR each week, and I know that the amount of effort put into producing an episode like this isn’t conducive to the weekly format, so I would hope that you continue with the normal conversational style. I do also love the informal feel of the conversational episodes, and the personality that you and Luis inject into those conversations. However, hitting us with a special episode like this every once in a blue moon sounds fantastic.
    I could definitely feel the extra care and love that went into this episode. Not only was the content excellent (thanks Ben and William), but the post-production elements were spot-on. Your writing and vocal delivery were excellent. As a compliment, I sat there thinking, “Wow, Marshall has been taking notes from Roman Mars or NPR or something”. Of course when you mentioned them in the closing notes I couldn’t help but smile. Well done. Literally the only thing that separates this episode from those that I hear on 99pi or Note to Self or Radiolab was that those podcasts use a slightly shorter cut between dialogues, and more underpinning music. Other than that, I would have believed that I was listening to a Radiotopia podcast.
    For a one-man operation, I can’t imagine the amount of time and effort you put in, and it turned out wonderfully. This was top-shelf, and I enjoyed it as that. Something rare to be savored. Thank you.

  15. I really enjoyed this. The reason the regular podcast is so great is how much knowledge and expertise both you, Marshall, and LSV bring to the game for those of use who can’t do this full time.
    I love hearing from other pros and seriously all time greats about things that I could do better, or make changes too that may not only make me a better Magic player, but that will ultimately help me enjoy the game I already love.
    It would be great to have more of these down the road. I suppose they aren’t focused on the limited aspect of the game per se, but this was quite good.
    I’ve been a patron for 6 months now, and would gladly keep supporting endeavors such as this one.

  16. Wow, realy a great episode you made there! LR is usually already high standard but this was simply great 🙂


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  19. Just listening to this for the first time.
    I’m sorry I missed it because it’s perhaps my new favorite episode

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