Marshall’s Monkey Book

One of the many highlights of Grand Prix Las Vegas was a gift I received from a rather dedicated LR listener. Stephen K took the time to get every monkey/ape/primate card ever printed and assemble them in one binder!

I love my monkey book, it’s high on the list of greatest gifts ever for sure. Here are just a few pictures of the book. Thanks Stephen!IMG_4458

At first I thought this oversized Kird Ape just made a good cover. I didn’t realize that Stephen put *every* printing of all the monkeys in this thing. This oversize card is a printing too!

IMG_4459They were presented in chronological order. Here are Magic’s first monkeys!


You can see the foil and non-foil versions were also included for each primate.


Yep, even Un-sets were considered!

IMG_4463I don’t know exactly why, but this little foil 9th edition, pre-Reach Tree Monkey is my favorite one in the binder 🙂

– Marshall

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