Rooster Draft

On episode 207, we talked about a bunch of alternate Limited formats, one of which being Rooster Draft, developed by Ryan Spain. Here is the document we referenced on the show, written by Ryan:

Rooster Draft

Overview: Rooster Draft (a mash-up of “Rochester” Draft and “Booster” Draft) combines aspects of Draft and Sealed Deck in a two-player Magic: The Gathering Format

Equipment: 8 Magic: The Gathering Boosters, basic lands (If boosters from multiple sets are used, two identical groups of four are ideal: AABB/AABB, or AABC/AABC where A is a large set and B/C are small sets)

The Draft

1)      Decide randomly who is Player A and who is Player B

2)      Open 4 boosters, and place them face down on the table without looking at them

3)      Flip over cards from each booster until the three uncommons, the rare, and, if applicable, the foil and/or double-faced card are revealed (Set aside the basic land and insert)

4)      Player A chooses one of the four piles of uncommons and rares

5)      Player B chooses two of the remaining three piles of uncommon and rares

6)      Player A takes the remaining pile

7)      Repeat steps 2-6 with the other four boosters, but swapping Player A and Player B

8)      Reveal four of the eight piles of commons

9)      Player A takes one of the four piles of commons

10)   Player B takes two of the remaining three piles of commons

11)   Player A takes the remaining pile

12)   Repeat steps 8-11 with the remaining four piles of commons, swapping Player A and Player B

Table talk during the draft is encouraged, especially between players with mixed experience levels.


Build 30-card minimum decks, adding as many basic lands as you wish, and play a best of three match.

Rooster Lite: Skip steps 8-12, and instead take the unseen commons with each set of rares and uncommons you draft. Don’t look at the commons until the draft is over. This is good for less-experienced Limited players or when you have less time..

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