The 1-for-1 Episode 2 – Zac Hill

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This week on The 1-for-1, Marshall sits down with Zac Hill. Zac is the Chief Strategy Officer for the nonprofit The Future Project. He has also been a political advisor, professional Magic player, game designer and on air personality.

Zac Hill –

The Future Project –

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The 1-for-1 is hosted by Marshall Sutcliffe. You can find him on Twitter.

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21 thoughts on “The 1-for-1 Episode 2 – Zac Hill

  1. Marshall these interviews are very good but I was wondering since these may not be on a regular schedule and for those of us that do not use ITunes is there any way we can get maybe a facebook page for updates as to when you post new interviews?

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  2. This was one of the best interviews I have heard in a long time. I am recommending my friends listen to it – fantastic work and many thanks to Marshall and Zac

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  3. Many thanks for that interview. I really loved it and found it very inspirational. I strongly recommend to have a look at the links provided in the show note.
    Some of the work made by these people is fascinating. Does this will help me creating my own recipe for happiness ? I hope so.

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  4. I was used to think about the both of you through a Magic lens-only but this interview really disclosed a new way to appreciate you.

    Zac’s insightful words were a pleasant surprise and they served me well, especially the personal growth part. Thanks sincerely for having had this interview.

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