Limited Resources 246 – M15 Metagame Recap

This week on Limited Resources Brian and Marshall go over some of the movers and shakers they have noticed in the M15 queues. Controversial Pro Tour picks are discussed, as well as a Crack-a-Pack and more! 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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3 thoughts on “Limited Resources 246 – M15 Metagame Recap

  1. I’ve had good success running RG in M15 so far. Key cards in the deck

    Kurd Chieftain (obviously)
    Fatties (hasty giant, rhino, siege wurm, venom sliver)
    Burning Anger (on venom sliver is amazing, on fattys is fine too)
    Invasive Species / Living Totem
    Titanic Growth / Ranger’s Guile
    Netcaster Spider

    Base red with green for support. It’s not easy to put together because you really need the base red for it to work well (that or slam the Hornet Queen), and everyone knows by now how powerful red is. The games really are won because of the red in the deck.

    I usually prefer G/W with Sunblade Elf, spashing red for some burn (and burning anger) and kurd chieftain. Splash is easy with meteorite / verdant haven / evolving wild / nissa exploration.

  2. I found obelisk worked well in one of my white / red decks, goblins is also a very good creature type to work with it as well as all the white tokens. Not to mention humans and solders.. I was extremely happy to draw it all of the time.

  3. jam deck full of x 3’s hit 5 removal and throw some fatties with covoke is the base formula for a consistent 60% plus win rate in current meta. Avoid the the w token fight and enjoy the simple things in life like board control and attacking for for a bunch.

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