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Hey All,

After my interview on LR with Rich Hagon, I realized that I’d like to have a separate show to do more personal interviews of varying types. Magic personalities as well as non-Magic personalities are a better fit for a separate show, as we try to concentrate on LR-centric things on LR.

As a result, I have started The 1-for-1, a new podcast where I interview interesting people. This is not currently slated to be a regular show, but one where I can record episodes as they present themselves. We’ll see where it goes together.

As the show matures, I’ll probably break it off onto it’s own site. The iTunes subscription feed is being approved now, so you will be able to separately subscribe to The 1-for-1.

You can find new episodes here: as well as iTunes or your favorite podcast subscription service. The RSS feed for the show is

The first episode features an interview with former LR co-host Jon Loucks about the last two years of his life since he left LR. We talk about working at WotC, working on MTGO, and Jon’s personal struggles as well.

You can find the article Jon wrote that the interview compliments here:

Thanks as always for listening and I hope you find this new venture worthwhile!

– Marshall

17 thoughts on “The 1-for-1 Inaugural Episode

  1. Another podcast?!? Between LR, and Freakonomics Radio (and admittedly mostly LR) you guys are already eating all of my “listen time!”

    Hope the iTunes feed is approved soon…I’m already getting twitchy to have more of Marshall’s dulcet tones piped straight out of my earbuds and onto my eardrums, and this looks like a great concept. Loved the Rich interview, so this intrigues me.

  2. I was extremely excited to see this show up in my LR feed. So far, an excellent interview – you’re a fantastic interviewer Marshall! Look forward to more of this in the future.

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  3. What you mean to say was Wizards/Hasbro are not good at digital design, but the people in position of power are too arrogant or insecure to enable the real meaningful change you knew were needed to move forward. I agree that outsourcing isn’t right. MTGO just isn’t a high priority in this corporation. If it ever becomes a high priority, things will change. However, that day may never come. When it does come, they may fail. These are things we just can’t and won’t ever be able to control or even have any impact on. This is why the community is so fed up. The digital version of our game IS on the verge of dying, and there’s no replacement and no saving it because of the corporate hands that it is in. Thanks for trying, John.

  4. Awesome show guys! It was really great to hear from Jon but sad that things didn’t work out quite as he’d have hoped. Onwards and upwards.

  5. I agree with pretty much every Jon said. I think Wizards really needs to listen to this, they’ve been making really poor decisions with how they handle digital stuff not just on the Magic side but for their other products like D&D as well.

    In the back of the third edition D&D PHB there was a demo of a character generator, It turned to vapor ware and was never officially released.
    For Fourth edition they swore they were going to do it right, they were going to make a character generator, an online play table, a character visualizer.
    They even had a big add in the back of the fourth edition PHB. After massive delays they drastically cut the scope and it turned into an online subscription based character generator.
    Wizards having a competent digital branch would not only help Magic but their other product lines too. Long term they will need this or they will begin to lose market as people move forward.

  6. Loved the interview! Never listed to any of the Loucks episodes before, but would like to hear all three of you together. Brian! Stay put! 🙂 Thanks for the great perspective on MTGO and Wizards in general!

  7. I should have read more closely. Here I was beating my head against the iTunes store trying to find this podcast, and I thought I was at fault for not being able to find it. … Turns out I was! But not in the way that I thought. 🙂 Can’t wait until it’s sub-able. Seems like this was worth a listen!

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