Limited Resources 244 – M15 Early Impressions

This week on Limited Resources Brian and Marshall take an early look at M15, including two Crack-a-Packs!

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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7 thoughts on “Limited Resources 244 – M15 Early Impressions

  1. In pack 2, I definitely agree with the Golem as the 3rd pick. I’ve found staying open in this format is a very powerful position to be in.

    Regarding GW Convoke, based on my experiences (~20 drafts on Cockatrice, though I’m convinced the competition isn’t that great there), the deck is real, and the deck is terrifying. Your big targets are Triplicate Spirits, Feral Incarnation, and Siege Worm, in that order. Beyond that, fill your curve with solid 2-, 3-, and 4-drops. I generally don’t want to play bad creatures just to make my tokens a turn earlier. There are enough fine-to-solid creatures at those slots to make your Convoke spells come in pretty cheap. Raise the Alarm is really nice for the deck since you can cast it and still have the same amount of mana up for your big Convoke spell. Midnight Guard is also a card the deck really likes.

    And finally, storytime: I found the deck that wants Boonweaver Giant:
    The full deck, which also displays the weird mana curves Convoke decks have:
    The deck was pretty awesome. Spectra Ward is stupid good. So is Feral Incarnation, especially when you resolve it on turn 7-8 off 4-5 lands. Stabilizes a pretty miserable game really fast. And I think that kind of power is what makes Convoke a really strong deck. It can do so many powerful things while missing a bunch of land drops.

  2. so i gotta throw this in here for orny – i played against a newer player at my midnight prerelease and i got to show him just why you shouldnt play that card. he had almost no support for it and played 3 of them (i think 1 ensoul artifact, 1 shrapnel blast). after the match (i won the round) he asked me to help him out with his deck. he realized, mostly on his own, he had 3 0/2 chump blockers. i got him to see that they werent very useful and we dropped all of them. just wanted to let you know that players are learning about the dangers of orny

  3. im glad you made the decision to make a separate interview podcast. i love both the more focused episodes like this and the ones where you go deep and personal with people but i have to say it will be nice to know which one im getting in to beforehand. on an unrelated note someone did the wall of limbs deck at my lgs and fired it off for 18, not quite 20 but the 2 hits from typhoid rats at the start of the game took care of the rest for him nicely 😛

  4. A neat interaction with Roaring Primadox that I found is with creatures that have a tap ability. For example Rummaging Goblin. Last night at FNM I was running a G/R and, due to Untap > Upkeep, I was able to rummage with the bounce trigger on the stack, allowing me to recast him (the goblin) as a potential blocker for 2R and then rummage again on my next upkeep, essentially having everything I want from my goblin (Who’s attacking with their Rummaging Goblin anyway?). Just wanted to point out that Primadox can also be used with creatures without ETB triggers.

  5. FNM. I pulled a pretty agressive UW. I lost 1-2 to a deck playing 1 shrapnel blast and 1 ensoul artifact. Also, he had a single ornithopter and a sacred armory as his only artifacts. I tilted for the very first time.

  6. My big prerelease “Combo” with the Roaring Primadox was bouncing Invasive Species and replaying it to get rid of my Aggressive Mining after I had drawn a couple of cards off it every few turns. It was a pretty rough board stall, but spending that 7 mana to replay both cards ended up netting me two extra cards a turn while maintaining a 4/4 attacker and a 3/3 blocker.

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for setting up the separate site for the 1-on-1 interviews. They have been phenomenal so far but it is nice to be in the right mindspace going into the interview podcast.

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