Crack-a-Pack for LR 236

Brian and I decided to do a Conspiracy Primer show, which ended up being episode 236. As it wasn’t topical to Conspiracy itself, we decided not to do a Crack-a-Pack on that show. This did not stop us from doing one outside of the episode. Special thanks to Steven from Lawrence Kansas for providing the pack.

6 thoughts on “Crack-a-Pack for LR 236

  1. I love having the Crack-a-Packs on the blog, but it would be helpful to have the card images after a jump. I should know all the cards at this point, but it never hurts to have visual confirmation since I would be seeing the cards if I cracked the pack myself.

    Love the show!

  2. Not sure what the Oreskos Sun Guide is doing in there, it skipped a set?

    Ignoring that and the mana confluence which i would take at anything but PTQ and GP, I would take the Pharika’s Chosen. The 1/1 deathtouch just keep getting better and better in this block.

  3. I’d take the Mana Confluence, partly for value and partly for deck flexibility. After that I’d probably take the Magma Spray, but Pharika’s Chosen is also a fine choice. In either case I don’t think I’d feel like I lost out on anything with my pick. And whatever ends up wheeling here is probably going to be pretty lousy.

    As I type this, the top two vote-getters are Skyspear Cavalry (38) then Magma Spray (36). The Cavalry strikes me as expensive (3WW) with a fragile body (it dies to Magma Spray!), so it doesn’t feel like a great first pick here. I would probably take the Ravenous Leucrocota over it, actually.

  4. I think the oreskos sun guide is supposed to be a swift claw. My pick is either skyspear cavalry or magma spray. Pharikas chosen also gets a nod.

  5. I went with Magma Spray. In my limited experience with this format on MTGO red tends to be more open than the other colors. I agree that the WW is a big commitment on the Cavalry and Pharika’s Chosen is solid it isn’t as attractive to me as Magma Spray.

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