Limited Resources 236 – Conspiracy Set Primer

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian give you a high level overview of Conspiracy. The guys address the mechanics, some of the cards, and a lot of strategy for this unique set. 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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10 thoughts on “Limited Resources 236 – Conspiracy Set Primer

  1. First of all, thanks for this episode. I know you two are stepping outside of your comfort zone to do this and I for one appreciate it. It was great to see how excited you two got over the “draft matters” cards. I am also super stoked to see how those play out. Brian’s super-secret tech on drafting agent of acquisitions and lurking automaton made me cackle with glee! I am SO doing that!

    This excitement leads me to your point about replayability. For my playgroup I think Conspiracy will end up being played several times. We are even considering a Conspiracy based Cube, perhaps amalgamating our existing Modern Masters Cube with it. But, and this is a key point, our group plays primarily multiplayer (EDH) and has for many years. Draft is popular but the primary format is EDH. Conspiracy was designed with us in mind and we will gladly play and replay. I do see where you are coming from, as most nuts and bolts spikes will only play once or twice. But I do think you are letting your own perspective cloud the replayability potential among different types of players. In fact, I have a buddy who is stoked to draft it simply based on the fact that it has an Italian Renaissance flavor.

    Regarding the deck size, Marshall did take the -5 to deck size minimum conspiracy in the video and I do see an advantage to doing that. However due to the fact that this is multiplayer and not head-to-head I think it is worth considering that the minimum is just that – a minimum. If the density of playables you draft is high enough you could conceivably run 45, 50 or even more cards depending on what is included. You still want to draw threats in a timely manner but parlay and Dack (dack, dack, dack fayden…curse you Brian Wong it won’t leave my head aaarrrgggg!!!) Hitting opponents means you are also likely drawing more than usual via resources not under your control. It might be beneficial to have more cards at your disposal.

    This may be incorrect, I may be channeling my inner Nate and in need of a serious intervention. But it is something I was surprised was not brought up as you guys usually uncover every stone when it comes to strategy.

    Again, good cast as usual. Thanks for doing it.

  2. Its Par Lay, everywhere I’ve ever heard it. Google is wrong.

    I hear there’s vent sentinel in this set! 😀

    BDM’s comment in the video “I’m Brian David-Marshall and I host a podcast about jackhammers” made me LOL for real.

  3. These primer episodes are really helpful for the older or less explored formats. You guys should do one for upcoming Vintage Masters on MTGO as well.

  4. I started playing Magic when Born of the Gods was released, so I’m not familiar with most of the old magic cards. I was very unprepared for a game of Conspiracy and I opened a foil brainstorm and passed it, not knowing it’s value. The guy to my left (the store owner) took it and kind of rubbed it in my face in front of everyone else. It soured the whole Conspiracy experience for me. I wasn’t aware there would be obscure money cards like this in the set and if you’re relatively new like me, I suggest coming prepared by studying the value of the cards beforehand, although I don’t know a good source for this.

  5. managed to get the agent of acquisitions and lurking automaton combo, near the beginning of pack 3.

    However, there is an addition to this combo, one you should note Brian as you may only get one to two conspiracy drafts over this summer, the addition is the card Canal Dredger.

    I was feeling great having just managed to create a 15/15 for my deck, sitting out the last pack. Then we look at the text on Canal Dredger. everyone had to give that player the last card drafted from each pack, including me! I had to give my 15/15 automaton away to that drafter.
    Moral of the story, a 14/14 for 5 will do you just as good and avoid the Dredger.

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