Limited Resources 234 – Necro Bitten

This week on Limited Resources Brian and Marshall tell draft tales from Journey into Nyx while reviewing some of the card evaluations from that same set.

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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10 thoughts on “Limited Resources 234 – Necro Bitten

  1. Hi,

    Recently started listening to your podcast, been enjoying it and learning. Keep up the good work! Just wondering whats up with the silly sign off endings?

    As a new listener just curious where does it originate form?

  2. Re: Oppressive Rays: At the JOU prerelease one of my opponents had at least one in his deck, and kept playing it on my 1- and 2-drops (I was RW aggro). While mildly annoying, it felt like it was only a minor speed bump in my game plan.

    The best was when he played it on my Mogis’s Warhound, which actually made the Warhound better. “Yeah, I think I’ll decline to pay 3 for the privilege of attacking into your Nessian Courser.”

  3. Re: Swarmborn Giant – Having played with it in a red green ramp deck (in Triple JOU, I will caveat), it is a heck of a big game to ramp out on turn 3 with a turn two Llanowar Elk or Voyaging Satyr, but at the same time, if they have so much as a turn two Cavalry Pegasus, you basically can’t cast it until you have monstrous mana up.

  4. The silly sign-offs were introduced by previous co-host Jon Loucks, as a humorous way of getting in the last word (although he claimed they were the listener’s prize for getting to the end of a long show). ‘His’ episodes are definitely worth a listen, if not for the sign-offs then for the Value he brings to the table. (See also ‘six mana do-nothing enchantment’, ‘five drop or zombie’, draft loucksy’ and ‘NEVER CONCEDE’.)

    Brian Wong has since taken up the gauntlet, and hasn’t let us down since.

  5. RE: Feast of Dreams – With all the new Enchantment creatures from Journey and the big group from Born and the big bunch of heroes running around with Enchantments, I’ve found this card to be premium removal. I spend early picks on it and generally play as many as I draft. It hits so many relevant threats that I just can’t pass it up when I’m in Black. It’s also a card that pushes me towards Black if I’m not sure on my colors yet. Definitely a card I’m happy to first pick.

    RE: Renowned Weaver – It should be noted that the spider is an Enchantment for Constellation purposes and other random cards that like Enchantments.

  6. I really appreciate the shoutout Brian. As TimH said, the link to my stream is broken, but that hasn’t stopped me from accumulating quite a few new followers throughout the past week referred by LR ( quality viewers too… a large percentage of them are engaging in chat positively.) I’d love to have you guest on my stream sometime.

  7. Clarification on Dakra Mystic: Unlike, e.g., Jace’s Fateseal ability, which can lock you out of drawing a certain card unless you have two of that card in a row, Dakra Mystic’s ability cannot actually prevent you from drawing a specific card unless you have two in a row, since the card revealed to its ability is always removed from the top of the deck, meaning that the odds for the next card are unchanged. Unlike random milling, though, you can reduce the odds of drawing a specific card (by 50% in the limit that you activate Mystic every turn), since you clearly do affect the odds of drawing the revealed cards.

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