One thought on “Episode 235 Crack-a-Pack

  1. Yeah, not too exciting.

    If Silence the Believers weren’t there, I would probably take Sigiled Starfish. Partly on its own merits, and also partly on the “blue is good in full Theros block draft” theory. After that it gets re-e-eally sketchy. No matter which one I take, I don’t see myself being excited to take anything that might wheel here. Rotted Hulk is perhaps the best card that might be expected to wheel.

    Re: Armament of Nyx: I found it to be useful removal at the prerelease (with my red/white deck), but I had to be very patient to pick the best spot for it. By contrast in draft I’ve found that at least one person is packing enough Naturalize effects to make it unsatisfying. (Caution: Small sample size and all that.)

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