Limited Resources 235 – Pain and Suffering with Rich Hagon

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes Pro Tour Statistician and coverage guru Rich Hagon on the show to talk about a variety of self-improvement related topics as well as an “Ask Me Anything” with Rich. This episode is emotional, deep, and Rich really lets us in and shows us what makes him tick.

The piano work done near the beginning and at the end of the show was recorded live in the hotel lobby and performed entirely by Rich.

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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31 thoughts on “Limited Resources 235 – Pain and Suffering with Rich Hagon

  1. If you copy the link and change the episode number to 235 (instead of 335) it works. It is just a mistyping in the link.

      • Always saddens me to hear when people struggle this sort of thing. It can’t be easy, and being so honest and open about it is extremely brave of you.

      • Wow. Rich, i’m sorry. I’m sorry that you’re going through that and i know what it feels like to hurt yourself. I respect you as a human being and as you’re an amazing broadcaster.
        You are really brave for sharing that with us. Thank you. It’ll get better okay?

      • Rich,

        I’m sorry to be so insensitive and blase about my comment, I sincerely thought you were just making a joke. Thank you so much for being brave and sharing that with us. I know it will help others who suffer from similar pain.

  2. Wonderful Show Gentleman!
    Magic is a great game, but thanks for the reminder than real people with real stories play it!

  3. Wonderful show. It shows a tremendous amount of strength to lay yourself out there and say, “This is how I am and this is how I feel about it.” (the exact opposite of the troll sniping from anonymity.) Thanks for sharing your experiences and insight.

  4. I do not in the least feel guilty that I listened to every second of the end of the podcast. Rock on, Rich!

  5. Great show – I’ve only seen a tiny bit of Magic coverage (a little bit of the Pro Tour Journey Into Nyx stream the other day (funnily enough including the Patrick Chapin Kiora gaffe)), but I was loving every second of the show.

    Also, good to hear that Rich knows what footy really is.

  6. I knew that with Rich on as a guest, the jokes would be bad.
    But my god. That last joke. I…I think I’ve actually died.

  7. A beautiful show by two of the most beloved figures in magic. Probably the single best podcast I’ve ever listened to. Rich – I can’t tell you how much hearing your voice aonthe pro tour stream means to me – I hang out for months waiting for the next one – you do such a good job and its such an important part of my life.

  8. Great show! It was awesome hearing the more personal side of a big figure in magic. I enjoy the work both Marshall and Rich do. I’d like to hear more of these kinds of podcasts when we’re in the dull drums of sets. Keep up the great work!

  9. One of the best shows until now. Would not have thought that Rich would make it so interesting and personal. Keep up the good work!

  10. great show, biggest complaint is in the sign off rich went with decide, a letter based pun over day aside a sound based one that plays better on podcasts 🙂

  11. Your a talented man Mr. Hagon, my mouth was hurting just listening to you rattling off all that end there.

    I don’t know if you remembered all that or were reading it, but either way it was pretty impressive.

  12. Thanks for sharing Rich. Don’t change how you do pro tour and other coverage, if it wasn’t for you and BDM I would not have even started going to friday night magic. In fact, I get burned out on magic from time to time, but when there’s a pro tour coverage I stream it, and it brings me back to the hobby.

  13. Let me echo the praise for this episode. The coverage of the PT was fantastic, and it’s nice to get to know one of the people behind it.

  14. i guess its all been said but i figure ill say it again anyways. that was a tremendous episode, thanks for all that you are rich and sharing, you must be on again but only with more puns and piano-playing! thank you for showing how this isnt just a game but its how life is interacted with. and thanks to lr for letting us all share in this!
    – j –

  15. Marshall, I love the interview episodes. Please keep doing these as the schedule/opportunity permits.

    Rich, poor tent of betrayal indeed! Epic sign off, well done old chap! Thanks for taking the time to share with us, great to get to know you a bit better.

  16. Many thanks to Rich and Marshall for the podcast, and I had to cheer Rich supporting the Sydney Swans – he’ll be very pleased that Sydney utterly hammered Geelong this past Thursday!

  17. Awesome, awesome, awesome episode. Some very surreal and necessary things being shared with the MTG community here. Can’t thank both these gentlemen enough for what they do – the Magic community definitely wouldn’t be the same without Rich or Marshall.

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