Limited Resources 223 – Born of the Gods MTGO Stat Breakdown

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian take a closer look at some data released at the Pro Tour about Born of the Gods and how it has affected the draft environment.


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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18 thoughts on “Limited Resources 223 – Born of the Gods MTGO Stat Breakdown

  1. Could yall leave a comment with a list of all the top 5s you went over corresponding to each archetype? Also, where were yall able to gather this data from?

    • I agree, I think having something that shows all the cards for us schmucks that don’t have them memorized would be great. If it exists 😀

  2. I think the issue with W/B looking as unfocused as it did is that there are two separate decks there: an aggro deck and a control deck.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me but the “what a card asks of you” test sounds a lot like the children’s book “If you give a mouse a cookie”

  4. So you guys are looking for a word that describes “How much does a card ask from me”.

    Brian’s quip about Marshall’s girlfriend actually gave me what I think is a decent idea for a name – “maintenance”. Borrowed from the vocabulary about girlfriends/boyfriends, this is a word that already has this connotation for most people – a high maintenance BF/GF is one that, while he/she might be great, demands quite a lot of work from you to make things work between you.
    Given that the word already has a use to describe something similar, I think it could be very intuitive for people to get the meaning behind the term immediately.

    Even if my offer is not taken, I would kind of like to hear an episode about “maintenance” of cards and how that should affect my evaluation of them. I would also be interested to hear what word you guys come up with to describe it.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Demanding also works. Plus is more upfront cost rather than easy to get out but have to keep up with it afterwords.

    • Other synonyms that sounded pretty good:
      grueling (or gruelling)
      herculean – bonus points if it starts in the greek inspired set with this

  5. Warchanter of mogis does have a home in BW grindy. If you have a couple oak of odunos and servant of tyramets with an oak u can sit on ur butt and hit through with his intimidate all day. I have lost some games in a stalled board state over it.

  6. umm… wheres this week’s show? I respect having a dynamic busy life, but at least an update would be nice. WOW i feel like a naggy girlfriend, i wish i knew how to quit you limited resources 🙂

  7. My vote for word is conditionality. The card is good under certain conditions or under all conditions. Maybe contextuality or something using the base word context.

    • Actually I think dependence is a better term. It can be used in almost any context and is a very clear term. i.e. That card is very dependent. Oh that’s a very independent card. This cards dependence is on manager fixing.

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