Limited Resources 231 – Journey into Nyx Set Review : Commons and Uncommons

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian review every common and uncommon in Journey into Nyx! Find out the hidden gems, the trap cards, and the big value plays as we head into the final stage of the Theros Block Limited format.

Timestamps for each color:

Red: 0:05:30

Green: 1:04

White: 1:52

Blue: 2:35

Black: 3:20

Multicolored/Artifact/Land: 3:59


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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23 thoughts on “Limited Resources 231 – Journey into Nyx Set Review : Commons and Uncommons

  1. I was super confused about the timestamps for a second, then after listening to the first five minutes, realized that Red should be 0:05. Whew. Digging in now, thanks guys!

  2. Just got to Rollick of Abandon, and wanted to note that I am loving this card if I can get a lot of trample creatures with >2 toughness(or a rouse the mob).

  3. 4.20 hours? The amount of effort you put into the review shows is truly impressive! You guys are the greatest.

  4. 1st of all, great job and a Herculean effort from you two! A 4.5 hour episode shows tremendous commitment from you both so thank you!

    Regarding Nymph vs. Dryad – a Nymph is a divine spirit who animates nature. A fresh-water nymph is called a naiad while a dryad is a tree nymph. So, all dryads are nymphs but not all nymphs are dryads. Hope that helps clear things up.

  5. I was impressed at the length and the depth, once more, of the review set πŸ™‚
    Great job guys. It’s always really interesting to hear your opinions on things, and get different point of views on cards. I already reviewed a bit my opinion on some cards while listening to you guys πŸ™‚

    Though there’s one I knew i’d be totally on board from the start. Elfmer ftw!

  6. Great job! and at the end you guys weren’t even tired!

    I would love to see a show four weeks from now where you have LSV on because he valued things very differently and would love to see whos right. (maybe when wotc releses the cards that were the winners in most 8-4 will find out)

    then 5 weeks from now have Marcel send you another Mega-crack!

  7. I feel like thassa’s devourer is supposed to go In a Phenax mill deck with its 6 toughness and a mill ability of its own. Someone at wizards wants mill to win constructed.

  8. Hey guys, just wanted the thank you for another awesome show. Been playing for 4 months and just placed 3rd at pre-release. All down to the excellent lessons taught by you. Keep the show coming! πŸ™‚

  9. Hour of Need.
    Totally agreed with you from the start. My favourite card when I read the listings.

    Totally performed as expected. Brian’s B+ is imo definitely on spot. I might even put it a A-.

    Be it to neutralize a super big fatty that became totally uncontrollable, to get rid of a god, or in most situations to make a bunch of 4/4 flying which will often close the game, it super performed in every match I drew it. And lost to it a couple of times too.

    Going to be for sure one of my first picks in the future drafts.

  10. Man I opened Hour of Need at the pre-release and was like how often would I want to give my enemy a 4/4 flyer.

    Didnt stop to think I should be targeting my creatures! Wish I played it now.

    • Usually some listeners put it up on Reddit, I’ll repost on the blog once I get a link to it.

    • Ha, that’s too funny. Decemberists are one of my dearest and most favorite bands. I should have remembered! I think I never knew exactly what that word was that they were saying πŸ˜‰

  11. I actually have a question about your grading scale I meant to ask last week. Not actually sure why I didn’t ask it, though.

    In any event, early on in the show, your grades threw me off quite a bit, actually. You were talking about the Akroan Line Breaker, and everything you were saying, to me, especially given your previous review shows, seemed like textbook C+. It was a solid role-player that you’re happy to see in your draft, but you generally want to first-pick something else. Then you gave it a B-.

    Then you moved on to Bladetusk Boar. Again, seemed like a textbook C+ based on what you were saying, though I could see an argument for a simple C sine Intimidate is usually worse than flying and you had Chorus of the Tides at a C+ in Born (yes, I went back and checked). Then you gave it a B- as well.

    So my question is: Did your grading scale change? If not, what made you think more highly of these two cards, Bladetusk Boar in particular, than you did similar cards in previous reviews? If so, what changed and how should these changes be applied to understanding past and future shows?

    My thought is that you adjusted your grading scale a bit, and I feel like the rest of the show confirmed that thought. But to make sure, I figured I’d ask.


  12. Another amazing set review show, thank you so much! You guys are funny, entertaining, and bang on with the analysis. Rares show was great as well. I’m really excited to hit the FNM release for this set tonight. I’ll take what the draft gives me, but also going to to try to steer my draft toward living the dream with some of these enchantment combos – suss out whether it’s BCSM or legit. Thanks again!

  13. I don’t do the whole Twitter thing, so I figured I’d just leave a comment here.

    When looking at spoilers, I massively undervalued Akroan Mastiff. Thanks to you guys, though, I saw how good it was and picked it up pretty early in my draft tonight. It carried me through a couple games I would have otherwise been overwhelmed in and led to me winning my FNM draft. Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

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