Limited Resources 230 – Journey into Nyx Rules and Interactions with Judge Joe Bono

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian welcome Judge Joe Bono on the show to talk Journey into Nyx rules and interactions! Big mechanics and minute interactions are covered in an attempt to prepare you for the set review shows that follow. 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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13 thoughts on “Limited Resources 230 – Journey into Nyx Rules and Interactions with Judge Joe Bono

  1. another great rules show guys! I was hoping you would talk about the “Fonts” cycle though. If only to touch on the situation that might arise if someone tries to respond by destroying one of the enchantments after its ability is activated.

    Since sacrificing the enchantment is part of the cost to activate the ability, you can’t respond by trying to destroy it before they sac it, correct?

    • You are correct.

      When you activate the font the enchantment goes straight to the graveyard. The only thing that goes onto the stack is the effect after the colon. You can respond to this, but can’t interact with the font itself with a ‘destroy target enchantment’ effect.

  2. If my opponent casts Riddle of Lightning targeting my Sedge Scorpion, scrys, and reveals Spark Jolt, can I respond with an Aspect of Hydra after the reveal?

    • No, the only part of Riddle of Lightning that is chosen before the spell resolves is the target. The scry and the reveal happen upon the resolution.

      You could still respond to Riddle of Lightning with a pump spell, but you would have to do it without the knowledge of how much damage it will do. I can see situations occurring in game where it might be correct to do this.

  3. With full spoilers coming out a week before pre-release, have you guys considered moving up the schedule for set reviews? I would love to see both set reviews before pre-release, although I know that is tough since those episodes are lengthy.

    Doing the BotG common/uncommon set review on Tuesday last time instead of Thursday was extremely helpful, as it gave me more time to digest all the great info you guys had to say before the pre-release.

  4. I think it’s interesting that the nautilus is sacrificed from any targeting effects before the spell even resolves. That means targeting it with fate foretold won’t draw you any cards at all, searing blood won’t do the three damage to the nautilus’ controller, etc. Any targeting spell will kill it, but you have to give up any beneficial effects that spell would have as a trade-off. Unless I’m misunderstanding this?

    • You are right about that. If all of a spell’s targets have become illegal when it resolves the entire spell is countered.

      If there are multiple targets eg. Boulderfall the spell will continue to resolve as normal for any other targets even though the Nautilus has been sacrificed before spell resolves.

  5. You guys might have discussed this, but I missed it if you did: how much would it cost to target 2 creatures with Aerial Formation if you also have a Battlefield Thaumaturge in play? It’s just UU, right? The fact that the first target doesn’t have any colorless costs doesn’t matter, since it’s the overall cost of the spell that matters?

  6. in the discussion of squelching leeches and ritual of the returned, it may have been worth mentioning that Nighthowler counts as a 0/0 for ritual no matter how many creatures are in graveyards (at least that’s my understanding of the rules).

  7. Hi, since we’re speaking about copying and all, I have a question.

    Let’s assume I copy a Kalonian hydra through the Polymorphous rush, and two creatures become copies of the hydra.

    1/ Do the copied hydras get +1/+1 counters? I assume not, given they are not entering the battlefield, right?

    2/ Assuming the creatures had +1/+1 counters – they get doubled, and the double amount remains on them at the end of the end step, whn they become again their old selves, right?

  8. There was a confusing moment in the podcast where Marshall asked if Eidolon of Rhetoric got bounced by a spell, would that player then be able to cast more spells with the Eidolon gone, and Joe said that the Eidolon’s effect would still linger and prevent that (with Marshall being appropriately shocked and confused at this answer). I think Joe misunderstood Marshall’s question, but he was incorrect in saying that it’s restriction on casting spells lingers after it leaves the battlefield. Getting rid of the Eidolon removes the effect from play.

  9. If you copy phage the untouchable would you lose the game? Considering the effect that if she comes into play from anywhere other then your hand. I do not think so but better safe then sorry

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