Limited Resources 239 – Role Assignment

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian take some time to chat about Vintage Masters Draft and Sealed Deck, and follow that up with a Level-up discussion about Who’s the Beatdown? Assigning roles in-game is an invaluable skill that can elevate your game to the next level. Examine the moving parts in this episode. 


“Who’s the Beatdown?” discussion begins at: 51:45


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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5 thoughts on “Limited Resources 239 – Role Assignment

  1. Hey Marshall,

    I was wondering how you deal with tribal goblins in Vintage Masters. I drafted the format for my first time on Wednesday and ended up in blue/black tempo with pretty much all of the cards you were mentioning (only missing the counters).

    I won the first round pretty easily against green/red ramp but got trounced in rounds 2 and 3 by goblins. I just couldn’t slow them down.

    How do you handle this match up when tempo plays don’t necessarily do the trick?


    • Basically there aren’t many great ways to combat that deck 🙁 It’s one of the strongest archetypes in the format, and there aren’t too many answers to it. Teroh’s Faithful helps out, as does the Buzzard, but even those can fall short.

      My answer has been to just draft the goblins/tokens deck myself.

      – Marshall

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