Limited Resources 240 – Theros Block Sunset Show

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian take a long look back at Theros, Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx. Biggest Groan Test card, favorite cards, underplayed cards, and many more are discussed as we leave this solid Limited format behind us. 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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18 thoughts on “Limited Resources 240 – Theros Block Sunset Show

  1. I absolutely agree with the Dictate of Heliod as a Groan Test winner, but I actually have one single story where my opponent’s Dictate worked out really well for me. I was playing green/blue against a white based aggressive deck, and the board was stable late in the game. We both had five or six creatures on board, and he starts lining up an alpha strike. I had good blockers by this point, and a Retraction Helix in hand, so I set up my blocks so that I ate two of his guys and traded with most of the rest. He then slammed Dictate and I elicited the aforementioned groan. I looked at my hand and re-read Retraction Helix on a whim and remembered that I could bounce any nonland permanent. I promptly bounced his Dictate, decimated his board, and won a few turns later when he didn’t find enough creatures to effectively race me. I think that may have been the best Retraction Helix I ever cast in a game of Theros limited.

  2. There are only three 3/7s in magic at the moment: Nemesis of Reason, Pheres-Band Centaurs and Windreader Sphinx.

  3. Solidarity of Heroes won a game or two. It triggers Heroic before doubling the counters, so on Centaur Battlemaster it gives you a 9/9.

  4. i dont see how solidarity of heroes is a bad card. “good’ heroic cards add counters, monsters add counters the cost and strive is cheep

  5. Solidary of Heroes is a trap, in my opinion. The card requires a deceptively large amount of setup.

    For most creatures, Solidary of Heroes does nothing.

    IF you have creatures out are heroic but have no counters, then the card adds two counters to most heroes, which is okay but not great. It doesn’t give your hero indestructible, protection, life link, first strike, death touch, or anything that really changes things up.

    IF you have creatures out with counters, this will double them, but how often does that really happen in limited? If you have a creature out with that many counters, you are likely winning anyway, in which case this card isn’t that necessary.

    Most of the time, you’ll be in the first two situations, in which case the card is poor or just okay. Not to mention, you have to pick this in your first pack, before you will know how many relevant heroes or monstrous cards you will have.

  6. It’s funny that your two “neat” cards are polymorphous rush and king mycar, because my favorite move I made in the last year of drafting was striving polymorphous rush to make two copies of my opponent’s king mycar before my untap phase and killed his king mycar before he untapped and activated!

  7. Sorry to see Brian go – I’m a new MTG player and have been really enjoying listening to the back catalog of episodes from the past few months.

    LR is the best MTG podcast out there as far as I am concerned.

    Looking forward to seeing who ultimately replaces Brian on the show! 🙂

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