Limited Resources 241 – Two For One Mega Show

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian celebrate the valuey-est of episodes, episode 241! In this double header, the guys talk about card advantage as the main topic. Theory, practical application, and usefulness are all discussed. This is followed by a celebration of value, with special appearances by many of the people who have made the show special over the years. 

Thank YOU so much for being a listener of the show, we appreciate every one of you.

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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6 thoughts on “Limited Resources 241 – Two For One Mega Show

  1. awww…. that was both a good show and a fun show. thank you for the great shows. you can chalk me down as someone who has gotten big into drafting and have been slowly building a better game through playing but also through your ‘cast. so thank you again. (side note – i listened to a bunch of old eps recently and i think i have to say this configuration is my favourite….) but…. brian… you aren’t going anywhere for a while right?

  2. That was an absolutely fantastic show guys, chock full of value. The first half was a good discussion of one of magic’s fundamental resources, and I couldn’t stop smiling in the second half. Here’s to the next 241.

  3. I really wanted to name our first son Godot. My wife was not having it. It is a play by the atheist Samuel Beckett in which two older, muddled (maybe demented) gentleman wait for a non-existent person named Godot. (or God for short) What sets the play above is that Beckett, this atheist, is able to show how beautiful, how unworldly, these men are by having this hope of meeting this non-existent person. They are taken out of their petty surroundings by their metaphysical hope.

  4. Thanks for the value, guys. Honestly? Your show is one of the favorite parts of my week! I’m a new-ish dad, and my 2-year-old daughter, while the funnest thing ever, keeps me from playing as much Magic as I’d like. But your show gives me some vicarious Magic while also being just plain fun to listen to.

    My favorite part was hearing from the mysterious, heretofore unnamed Rosa. I teared up a little when she said how proud she was of you guys. And now we know she’s not just “some girl you don’t know … she lives in Canada.”

  5. New listener here, you guys are great! I will continue listening going forward. Congratz on 241!

    My best multiple for one story is during Scars block draft on MTGO, I took my oppoent’s Impaler Shrike with Act of Aggression and managed to perform an attack with my team (along with Shrike) to gain tempo. After combat, I used Impaler Shrike’s trigger ability and sac it to to draw 3 cards.

    1) So I spent 1 card (Act of Aggression) -1
    2) I got to attack with my early turn dudes +0.25
    3) I got to attack with his Impaler Shrike +0.25
    4) I sacrificed his Impaler Shrike +1
    5) I drew 3 cards +3
    6) I took away my opponent’s potential to drew 3 as I had no flyers, and I still demanded an answer for the early dudes I dropped. +Virtual Card Advantage!!

    It’s like a 3.5+ for 1!! Please share this story when you hit episode 351!!

  6. Bravo. The spirit of the show has trully taken me as i laugh and reminesce as if i was sitting in the room with yo u guys. That quality is rare in a show and it shows the joy comes from an organic place. stats value evaluation: i started listening 14 months ago as a super new player wondering if 1400 was a goodi rating to steadally floating around 1700 as a result of high levels of caffine and LR. Marshall any poker blogs/pod cast floating around that youve done?

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