Limited Resources 245 – Focus On Team Limited

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian talk about both team sealed deck and team booster draft. Some Grand Prix are run in the team format, but people also play team booster draft outside of organized tournaments. Find out some of the key points to conisder before embarking on your first team tournament in this episode! 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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7 thoughts on “Limited Resources 245 – Focus On Team Limited

  1. I remember listening to your earlier episode on Team Limited events, like 142 or something, in prep for GP Providence for team RTR block. Brian really knocked this episode out of the park, giving my teammates and I tons of things to think about and work on in our practice for GP Nashville. This was very helpful, and I’ll certainly be referencing and referring others to it leading up to that event.

  2. I would love to watch the friday morning coverage described in this podcast but I don’t know where to find it. Anyone have a link?

  3. I think a lot of the appeal with Ornithoptor isn’t so much it’s an underdog but that to the untrained eye it seems like nothing but upside and an enabler. I know when I first saw this card (Pre LR) my initial reaction was wow this basically turns my kick as auras (*cringe* like I said pre LR) into kick ass creatures for free! I try to explain it to people by saying “Imagine the card had additional text on it that said either for every copy of ornithopter reduce the number of cards in your deck by 1 or when you play ornithopter discard a card at random from you library or hand, this card cannot be interacted wi in any way” I know it’s not the same thing really but it kind of gets the point across a little better.

  4. Love the show, you guys are making me better at magic.

    One suggestion – stop saying “this card”!! I’m listening to you guys while I’m at work and my attention drifts in and out, so when I drift in and here you guys say “man, this card is powerful” or something else that catches my attention, I wanna know what card you mean! The only time you guys ever say the card name is the very first time you start talking about it. If I miss that, I have to rewind, and hope I click on the right point in the buffer, which I always won’t because the show is long (good thing), then I relisten to stuff or give up and end up frustrated.

    TL;DR: Use the name of the card in place of “this card”! (please)

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