Limited Resources 252 – Khans of Tarkir Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian walk you through every single common and uncommon in Khans of Tarkir in order to prepare you for the prerelease, release, and subsequent Limited events! Every card is dissected in depth and even graded in for your consuming satisfaction. 


Timestamps for each color break:

Lands/Artifacts: 00:10:55

White: 00:33:26

Blue: 01:15:20

Black: 02:09:00

Red: 02:59:47

Green: 03:59:26

Multicolored: 04:55:55 


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24 thoughts on “Limited Resources 252 – Khans of Tarkir Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

  1. Thanks so much for always doing this you guys. Really appreciate all of your hard work. (: As an aside, you’re my favorite MTG commentator, Marshall.

    Love you guys <3

  2. For Brave the Sands. I think its pretty much playable in an Abzan deck. Attack with your creatures then Outlast after the combat phase. Just want to point that out, I really think that it deserves more than an F.

    • Vigilance is conspicuously missing on the grants-abilities-to-+1/+1 cycle, especially as a control ability in a control clan. This seems to be the replacement.

      Marshal & Brian: keep up the good work!

  3. Molting snakeskin makes me so sad because it reminds me of rancor but it just sucks so much.
    on a positive note I have only recently started listening to this podcast and it has helped my drafting skills so much and I personally am a pretty heavy edh player and I sometimes I just can’t not think about a card not using my edh mind. So thank you for this podcast I really like it.

  4. Awesome review again, as always, guys. Just wanted to point out something I heard that I found hilarious. Around 3:29:00 when discussing Horde Ambusher, Marshal says, “Free morphing is always a good thing.” I had to rewind because I heard “Free morphine is always a good thing”. Laughed pretty hard at that.

  5. Thanks so much for doing what you guys do. I usually only listen on set previews, but I almost always listen to those twice and usually play in five prereleases and win at least one or two and x-1/x-2 the rest. A huge part of my key to success is you guys.

  6. At the pre-release I went to my opponent managed to make his Disowned ancestor a 9/13 with deathtouch and flying! (that game had lasted about 40 minuets)

  7. After both listening to your previous podcasts and this review, my total record at the 3 prereleases is (9-3-1), placing 1st at the last one with a grindy Azban build. I definitely give you guys credit for the level of my decks, considering that I never even top 3ed an event before now.

  8. I thanked you guys on Twitter already, but now I’ll do it here. We love your podcasts, although I have to admit the only “drafting” I’ve ever done is with my b/f using the booster boxes we buy (we do a Rochester, each choosing 3 decks). It’s still awesome to listen and get your take on the cards and I’m learning to not be rotty. ☺ Keep up the awesome work!

  9. You guys nailed Scaldkin – kudos! a hard card to reject and you did it. My biggest underformer (by far) during the pre-releases.

  10. Thanks guys. I gained a lot of knowledge, not just about the cards in this awesome looking set but also about the broader ideas about drafting limited decks. Really useful stuff.

    I’m with Marshall on the Embodiment of Spring. It is virtually the only traditional acceleration in the set aside from the Banners, which come in at 3 mana. This is really useful for Temur. It holds back the super early aggro and can chump block and be converted to a land when it is no longer needed. It’s like a Sakura Tribe Elder for an extra mana with some additional utility with a bit more thought required for its use.

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