Limited Resources 257 – Managing Information with Neal Oliver

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes GP Champion Neal Oliver to discuss how to manage information in Magic. Bluffing, risk assessment, how to play around spells, how to not play around spells, and many other facets are discussed!

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Your Host: Marshall Sutcliffe

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Music by Man Bites Dog and Josh Woodward

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10 thoughts on “Limited Resources 257 – Managing Information with Neal Oliver

  1. Great show! Hope Neal can come on again in the future, he seems like he has a ton more knowledge to share. Also, the post-show banner discussion on the Patreon was great.

  2. Yet another vote here for Neal as the new co-host. Thought his insights were SUPER interesting, the energy level of the episode was really high, just a great episode in general. Hire Neal!

  3. Awesome show. I felt like I got a few tools and a LOT of knowledge on how to level up my game.
    Can I have some more please? 😉

  4. I liked Neal a lot too. Very informative, next level kind of stuff, but (and this is key) explained clearly so that basicly anyone can take a good amount of usefull information away from this.
    Excellent episode!

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