Limited Resources 258 – Limited Lifecycle with Noah Sandler

This week on Limited Resources Marshall Welcomes Noah Sandler to talk about the Limited lifecycle. How do you maximize your edge in the beginning, middle, and end of a a format? What changes at these different stages? Found out in this episode of LR!

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Your Host: Marshall Sutcliffe

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Music by Man Bites Dog and Josh Woodward

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23 thoughts on “Limited Resources 258 – Limited Lifecycle with Noah Sandler

  1. Just informing that this player in Google Chrome breaks and stops fully every 2 minutes. In InternetExplorer it works fine.

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  3. Just wanted to say I’m a first time listener. I’ve been watching Noah’s stream religiously, and heard about the program through him. Hope to listen in on more of these in the future!

  4. I think it’s hard to beat Noah in terms of skill, enthusiasm, and ability to explain his strategy. The chemistry wasn’t always there, but that’s easier to learn than the rest of the requisite skill-set.

  5. Apart from a couple of ‘talking over each other’ teething moments, really loved the episode and a lot of promise for potential co-host imo. and gj finding a topic to talkj about which hadn’t been covered on the show much (at all?) before. Could have used a few more older format examples to show that it’s not just applicable KTK block, but still enjoyed it.

  6. Noah was good, very knowledgeable, and clearly knows the format inside out. But he just seemed very cocky and liked to sing his own praises a little too much. Your other guests were slightly more likable!

  7. Hey Marshall,

    I was wondering when episode 258 and 257 are going to be post on Youtube? That is where I prefer to listen to the podcast. If you needs some help ripping the videos shoot me an email and I would gladly help out. I live in Renton.

  8. Talking about bluffing and representing tricks, there are only four possibilities and you can think through each of them.
    1. You don’t play around the trick, and your opponent has it. They “get” you.
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    You can choose between 1 and 2, or 3 and 4. Sometimes, even the worst of those two options is not too bad.

    I usually default into not playing around tricks in the early game. Even if they have the trick, they spend it now instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity later, and it’s a one-for-one trade. It also removes unknown information from the game.

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