Limited Resources 266 – Khans of Tarkir Sunset Show and LSV’s First Show

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes Luis Scott-Vargas on board as his first official show as co-host of LR! Marshall and Luis look over the four exclusive Fate Reforged preview cards for LR, as well as do the signoff show for Khans of Tarkir.


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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Music by Man Bites Dog and Josh Woodward

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38 thoughts on “Limited Resources 266 – Khans of Tarkir Sunset Show and LSV’s First Show

  1. Loved the “worst card you’ve lost to”. I lost to molting snakeskin at draft just last night. Worst part, it was the second one he’d cast that game and i’d seen 2 in the previous game. It was on a Gurmag Swiftwing. I’m trying not to be ROTY about the play. Perhaps someone has an opinion

    He was on 10 I was on 4. My turn, I have summit prowler, Scion of Glacier, longshot squad (2 counters) and a bear’s companion (no bear). He had Gurmag Swiftwing, archers parapet and rakshasa’s deathdealer.

    Since I was on a clock from the parapet I decided to attack with the three big creatures, keeping the companion to chump the deathdealer (conceding to a top-decked removal).

    He blocked parapet on summit prowler, death dealer on longshot squad and took 6 from a pumped scion. He then untapped and topdecked the molten snakeskin, swinging for 4.

    Was I wrong to attack with the longshot squad?

    • Yeah, for sure don’t be ROT(thank you) about it. Like, would you feel different if he top-decked an Awaken the Bear or Become Immense?

      Sounds like a good attack. Not attacking seems like he’ll just attrition you out. And not attacking with the Longshot Squad is pretty much the same as not attacking at all, right?

    • I lost to an opponent running almost pure Kin-Tree Wardens and Molting Snakeskins. I think if I’d played really well I could have murdered him, but a few misplays and suddenly I couldn’t actually get damage through.

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  2. I would like to see you guys do a longer piece on sportsmanship, I think that it’s a really important facet of the game that is getting worse… I’m seeing more and more people intentionally time out because they are about to lose, make salty comments, etc. This has to stop, and I would really like to hear your take on how Wizards can do more to stop it.

  3. Excited for manifested Master of Pearls, but Hooded Hydra is a fun one too. GG for a 5/5 with benefits? Yes please. 🙂

  4. Grim Contest is the Savage Punch of the BG toughness deck. Death Frenzy, Kin-Tree Invocation, Rotting Mastodon, Archer’s Parapet, Abzan Beastmaster- this will be a great archetype. I can’t wait to start drafting it.

  5. Hey Marshall and LSV!

    I started listening to Limited Resources in 2011, and began listening weekly ever since. I also began watching Channel Fireball at the same, and I’m a daily watcher. I just wanted to say how excited I am for LR and Channel Fireball. At the end of the day this is a silly game, but this quality of content (never lacking in close to the 4 years I’ve been listening and watching) is important. It has significantly made me a better player, and more so helped me in real life. I began playing in ’97 as a 12 year old, I knew there was logic behind this game, math, strategies, and so much more. However, I was never exposed to what I really desired to learn about this game… until you guys.

    Magic has brought life long friendships into my life, and I’m very thankful to the both of you, your team mates, your co-host, your friends, the streaming and the video content. I’m proud of being a Magic Nerd, but it’s more than that, I’m proud I can identify with positive, involved and intelligent people in the Magic Community, it makes me strive to be a better person. My life has improved by trying to make the best decision I can with the information I have, in the game and in life, and one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is “You can make all the correct decisions, play the best, and still lose.” That changed my outlook and approach to life, and has brought a kind of happiness to me. I gearing up to get back to the Draft life, it is a joy to me, and I want to bring up my last time I went drafting, because LR and Channel Fireball helped me achieve this. My last draft run was Theros, I placed 1st in all my drafts for 12 weeks at my local store, playing 8-4’s. I’m about to tackle Fate Reforged and Khans! Thanks again!

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    • P,Scroll down to the RCP afternoon update where you will find a story by J. Tobin of Contentions, titled ‘Christie Makes His First Mistake’. Try reading before you respond next time.

  6. I’m so excited about LSV being a part of my weekly LR experience. Thank you both for working to find a collaboration which can greatly benefit your listeners. I hope this inspires even more people (including me!) to continue to support you through the Patreon and by buying from ChannelFireball. Certainly small prices to ask for the quality and growth we receive. You guys deserve it and earn it.

    I’m wondering, and i’d be interesting in hearing other listeners ideas, what shows and topics are possible with a HOF caliber player regularly on the show, that simply weren’t available before? Maybe LSV level-ups would be a good one? Or what he thinks separates a grinder from an FNM regular, a pro from a grinder, a HOF from a pro? What else?

  7. It’s called Magic, illusions and facades is a major focus for wotc.
    Wherever illusions, facades and trickery (or call it lies if you want) can have the spot it will get the spot, no matter if this is at the cost of sportsmanship.

    And if sportsmanship is out the window…

  8. I still don’t see the current episode in the iTunes feed. Is this something that will be fixed, or will there be a new feed? Thanks for all the hard work!

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    • BTW… My apologies to Tyler McClintock. Sry for the incident where I got into ya bud. Thanks for being cool about it though and I appreciate you keeping your cool in the race after the incident.

    • calm down, his video is back. can we focus on the issue at hand here? there are more important things on youtube other than His Noodlyness. someone probably kept flagging the video and it was auto-deleted… does anyone know if that's how it works? is there a person or persons who reviews videos flagged, or are they automatically removed. i'd appreciate clarity on this issue as well.

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