Limited Resources 290 – The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Limited Players (Plus Origins Previews!)

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis walk you throught the 9 habits of highly effective Limited players. Being around so many amazing Magic players, you start to notice some consistent habits among them. Luis and Marshall dive into them to help you apply them to your own quest for improvement.


Also: Marshall and Luis discuss the three LR exclusive Magic: Origins preview cards! 

Magic: Origins exlusive preview cards:

Original Oblivion Ring Video:

Ilyon’s test:


Garvas Elscott’s Resignation:

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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4 thoughts on “Limited Resources 290 – The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Limited Players (Plus Origins Previews!)

  1. As of FRF, MTGO v4 still crashed the same way when an unstoppable infinite loop happened. Just after set release, they had Channel Harm programmed slightly wrong, where it asked you whether you wanted to redirect on resolution, instead of when the damage happened. When both my opponent and I cast it, and both said yes…. well, that’s an infinite loop. Same thing as with the triple O Ring, it looped fora few minutes, then restarted the game, played through it all, looped, restarted again, and… eventually crashed and started a new game. The plus side is that in the new game, there were some glitches, so now I have pictures of a Witness of the Ages with a Red mana symbol in its text box, and another one with a white mana symbol.

  2. I enjoyed hearing the part about looking back at draft and in-game decisions. I did a draft yesterday where I chose a few picks over others that would have been better in my match and I had a few tough decisions in the match to make that could have been better. It’s great to look back at those moments, learn from them, and improve for future instead of saying, “oh look at what my opponent just ripped off the top and won with.”

    I also agree with not looking at next card in a mulligan or the next couple draws after a loss. I’ve had opponents do that to me, “oh if I would have drawn that next it would have been game.” I could only think to myself, well I had another draw too, and who knows what that would have been 🙂

    Great episode, thanks!

  3. In regards to the crack a pack: I think it would be really helpful to look at the pack minus the first pick but as if the last weeks first pick was your first pick and you were now on the second.

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