Limited Resources 330 – Shadows over Innistrad Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis do the big Shadows over Innistrad Set Review show for all of the Common and Uncommons in the set! Get prepared for your prerelease, release, and subsequent events right here.

Timestamps for Each Color:

White: 00:08:51

Blue: 01:22:35

Black: 02:20:12

Red: 03:16:44

Green: 04:21:23

Colorless/Land: 05:13:31

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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7 thoughts on “Limited Resources 330 – Shadows over Innistrad Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

  1. Thanks for keeping me company with this episode while I spent over an hour pacing with a teething baby. He’s asleep now, probably dreaming of spirits and zombies. Cheers!

  2. I really like your podcast and I want to give you some feedback on a card that I thought worked better than you rated it. The runway coach for four mana which is I think a 4/5 trample that dies when it attacks or blocks. When I played the card it felt like a conditional four manna removal spell a lot of the times. Sometimes it just got in for four damage and then enabled delirium. Overall, I thought it was a good delirium enabler for slower decks because it had two types. Unless they had a flood of cheap creatures I generally made a decent trade because I had other creatures that could block their weaker attackers.

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