Limited Resources 331 – Shadows over Innistrad Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis do the big Shadows over Innistrad Set Review show for all of the Rares and Mythic Rares in the set! Get prepared for your prerelease, release, and subsequent events right here.

Timestamps for Each Color:

White: 00:06:11

Blue: 00:43:52

Black: 01:23:47

Red: 01:49:27

Green: 02:05:55

Gold: 02:22:57

Colorless/Land: 02:42:17

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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7 thoughts on “Limited Resources 331 – Shadows over Innistrad Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

  1. Marshall, I’m suprised on your rating of cryptolith rite… The splash ability with this card is just bonkers, and X abilities are that much better! Granted, most X cards are at sorcery speed, but I think it should be atleat a C+ because of its upside.

  2. LSV I’m really liking the deck tech on your WU Humans you put together on Avacyn is just bananas, and then to think for 7 we can play her then declaration stone one of our non tokens and possibly wrath their board leaving ours untouched on second main phase!? You thought of this right?? : ) or just block one does and then flip and wrath their board..I love flexible women!

  3. I think that startled awake is a really powerful card in limited. I played with it twice in sealed and every time I drew it I won the game except for the one time I got stuck on mana. Two things you missed about building around the card is that there are a couple of unsummon effects that let you bounce the creature back to your hand without attacking or in response to a removal spell. This makes it much easier to cast startled twice which just wins you the game. The other card that makes this deck work and can win the game by itself is the 0/3 creature that mills 3 when it enters or each opponents upkeep if you have delirium. I had one deck with three of those and they work nicely in a tempo control deck. This is a common that will circle the table and so you can probably pick up 2-3 in a draft if you are building around startled awake.

    • Oops, The 0/3 Manic Scribe is an uncommon so it won’t come up as frequently as I thought although I did mill an opponent with only one Manic scribe in play.

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