Limited Resources 338 – Mana Curves and Eternal Masters Previews

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis talk about mana curves and how they differ between archetypes. They also preview three exclusive cards from Eternal Masters, and they are sweeet. 

Aggro deck suggested curve:

1-Drops: 0-3? [If good ones in format, etc.] – Don’t make the common mistake of adding bad 1’s. We are talking Thraben Inspector, not Kitesail Scout.

2-Drops: 6+

3-Drops: 4+

4-Drops: 4-

5-Drops: 2-

6+Drops: 0


  1. Creatures

1-Drops: 0 (if you find good 1’s, sure, but you don’t need any)

2-Drops: 2-4 (in SOI, fewer. These also need to defend you – 2/1 flying can’t block is NOT a card). Ideally these are useful in the lategame too.

3-Drops: 4-6 (lean towards defense)

4-Drops: 4-5 (still want blockers – but cards that can win games are still good. Solitary Hunter is a fine card)

5-Drops: 2-4 [Here is where you start leaning towards ways to win, since 5’s aren’t the most reliably defense)

6+Drops: 1-3+ [Finishers]

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