Limited Resources 347 – Eldritch Moon First Impressions

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis take a first look at Eldritch Moon Limited! 

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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10 thoughts on “Limited Resources 347 – Eldritch Moon First Impressions

  1. I’m surprised that along with the discussion about Ulvenwald Captive being so good because of its 7 mana followup, there was no discussion about how good Waxing Moon is. I’ve gotten Ulvenwald Captive to flip on turn 3 twice in the same Limited tournament using this combo.

    Waxing Moon actually seems quite broken to me. The only downside to the super powerful Eldritch Moon werewolves is that they cost so much to flip. Waxing Moon completely circumvents that and is almost guaranteed to appear in any given draft.

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  3. For Ruthless Disposable you can target the creature that you’re sacrificing. So you don’t have to 4 for 1 yourself. Just 3 for 1. Which is better, …..but still not the ideal situation. Anyways, love the podcast and even if you guys occasionally, fairly rarely actually, miss a rules thing I have learned a lot from listening.

      • Incorrect. The order of casting a spell is;
        Push onto stack
        Choose modes (N/a for ruthless disposal
        Choose targets (the two creatures)
        Determine cost based off modes and targets.
        Activate mana abilities
        Pay costs (discard and sac)
        Becomes cast

        The main thing is you pay costs after choosing targets.

  4. One way to level up a guacamole (or tartar sauce) is with a dash of cayenne pepper. You have to be careful because it doesn’t take much to go from bland to very spicy but almost every great guac/tartar I’ve had brings a little cayenne to the party.

  5. One of my favorite cards that has won me several games almost by itself is lone rider. There are so many ways to pump him 2 power that it is not difficult to make him flip. And first strike means that he survives most of the time. If you buffed him with an equipment then a first strike trampling lifelinking 6/6 ends the game in a hurry.

  6. Killer app is good, but I need more killer entrees. I’m super-lazy and don’t seek out recipes, but that dry rub for meat has been my go-to since you put it up. It’s actually starting to get a little old, even though I rotate with a couple existing ways of prepping meat that I had (that aren’t as good). I need more variety! I demand more killer entrees! 😛

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