Limited Resources 346 – Eldritch Moon Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

This week on Limited Resources Marshall invites Owen Turtenwald on the show for the big Eldritch Moon Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare! Every Rare and Mythic Rare is covered so you can get prepared for the release and subsequent events! 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Owen Turtenwald

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5 thoughts on “Limited Resources 346 – Eldritch Moon Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

  1. one comment on lupine construct – mulligan “insurance” or at least aid. i had a lower curve g/w humans deck at the prerelease and twice had to mull to 5, mulling to 5 with a 2 mana 5/5 that can attack on either turn 3 or 4 isnt too shabby. just an experience to note

  2. A note on Voldaren Pariah that I think is important: You pay the cost of sac-ing three creatures, then your opponent gets to respond to the ability. An ability on the stack goes off anyway, but Pariah only transforms itself. Then you have to wait for a triggered ability to actually kill creatures. If they destroy or even bounce it before that transformation resolves then you just got 1 for 4’d. That is incredibly harsh.

    At pre-release I had an opponent activate it when I emerged a Decimator of Provinces and I simply Murdered it with the ability on the stack. I was probably winning that game regardless, but she just scooped as a result of that move. You do not necessarily get parity the way you claim. As a result of this devastating, if brief, weakness, I would rate the card a bit lower. There are instant speed burn and destruction that are going to 1 for 4 you if your opponent can see this coming.

    I’d probably rate Emrakul’s Evangel and Permeating Mass higher. Tamiyo worked out for me ridiculously well too, but I had an ideal situation for that pre-release. I also got a promo Emrakul, and I ran it against my better judgement for fun. It made my deck worse. It won me two games when I cast it, but it also sat in my hand through three games. One of the times when I cast it, it was for 11. Fun card, I look forward to showing off my promo in EDH, but not in limited, not without some kind of perfect set-up for her.

    Stitcher’s graft worked well for me with white and green. Tiny tokens suddenly start being menacing. Spirit tokens can trade with Gisela or be a game ender. I had a couple Woodland Patrols and when this sat on one of those it was brutal. Shrill Howler with one was also a swift end, I had that played on me. The card did good work for me, less fitting decks will find it a detriment. I played against a BR deck that was running it and it just dragged him down. It is a highly variable card.

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  4. This is a little late, but I’m kind of bummed by some of the snap judgments here. Like giving Nahiri’s Wrath an A+ while only discussing best case scenarios… I mean, it’s a card that literally does nothing if you top deck it. Or not mentioning that Ulvenwald Observer draws a card on it’s own death, which I think is significant.

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