Limited Resources 375 – Lots of Level-Ups

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis go over some seemingly small, but ultimately very important Level-Ups that are sure to help you improve your game.

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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6 thoughts on “Limited Resources 375 – Lots of Level-Ups

  1. “You can say ‘Combat, crew my Vehicle'”
    But that’s exactly what happened on that match, right? (I couldnt hear Cesar cause Luis was talking)
    I understand the meaning of this rule and why ambigous communication should be avoided, put this is the first time that a ruling made by a judge at the Protour infuriates me.

    • I *think* he said just “Combat,” but I agree it’s very hard to hear and to be sure.

      Further thoughts: If I heard right, then it’s a correct ruling, but (imho) a stupid rule. Yes, people could take advantage of it if they changed the rule…but people can also take advantage of things the way they are (as we possibly saw). So you, as WotC, have 2 choices: (1) Make an intuitive rule that matches the way things work on MTGO (a product you’ve been pushing lately), but people might be able to exploit it; or (2) Make an *unintuitive* rule that contradicts the way things work on MTGO, and people might be able to exploit it.

      For some reason, they’ve opted to stick with the second option. This fits their usual conservative stance toward scandals (which is understandable), but it still strikes me as a bad long-term move.

  2. Good show, but I’m really disappointed that the sign-off wasn’t another cooking level-up from Luis.

    As for the actual sign-off, I *thought* I got the joke…but then the punchline wasn’t Hexplate Golem. I thought that card was at least going to get an honorable mention or something. Now I’m just confused.

  3. I didn’t understand the sign-off – I mean I got that there is something with 7-drops but that’s it.
    Can anyone explain the inside joke here?

    • I think it’s just Luis being Luis. He was a big fan of Hexplate Golem, the 7 for a 5/7 from Mirrodin Besieged, so I think it’s just a riff on that. All of the cards he names either cost 7, have a 7 in the power or toughness, or have a 7 mana ability.

      Accomplished Automaton – 7 mana CC, 5/7
      Boiling Earth – 7 mana ability
      It of the Horrid Swarm – 7 mana ability
      Ruin processor – 7 mana CC, 7/8
      Tangleclaw Werewolf – 7 mana CC

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