Limited Resources 390 – Ben Stark on Amonkhet

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis welcome back Limited superstar and Pro Tour Hall of Famer Ben Stark on the show to talk about Amonkhet as a set, as well as a host of other questions from our listeners!

TDSL Week 2:

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6 thoughts on “Limited Resources 390 – Ben Stark on Amonkhet

  1. Hi guys, I just tried to download this episode on my phone, however once I click the link below there is no download button.

    Kind regards,
    Vincent Elders

  2. haven’t listened to this show yet, so not sure if they mention it or not, but if you want to get better, watch BS’s most recent Amonkhet draft on CFB. WOW !

    • As much as I respect Mark when it comes to design philosophy, he’s kinda missing the point about limited. If you’re weak AT flying, then you are weak AGAINST flying. Blocking is the most common form of interaction in a game of limited, and while red and black removal are valid answers to flyers, in normal sets you can’t maindeck flying hate. That’s kinda the whole point of the argument.

      I think it’s fair to say killing flyers is within Green’s color pie, but you only need to play a couple games of limited to know that green decks are going to have trouble with playing against them.

      • If green has a playable creature with reach (which is in colour pie) then green is strong AGAINST fliers but weak at flying, as none of it’s creatures can fly.

        If green had a 3/3 reach for 1GG at common, that is a main deckable green flying hate card that I don’t think would raise any eyebrows. I don’t see how having Stinging shot is any different really. In fact it is way worse as a main deck card.

  3. I feel the issue Marshall is having with stinging shot is not about breaking color pie, but about choices versus options. One of the major exciting parts about magic is weighing out your resources and having to make smart decisions out of the choices you have on your cards. A card like stinging shot offers no interesting choice, because you have two options that are both very good. Mark Rosewater gave a great podcast about choices versus options in regards to game design.

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