Limited Resources 404 – Listener Q&A Episode

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis answer your questions on another Q&A episode of LR! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions!

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5 thoughts on “Limited Resources 404 – Listener Q&A Episode

  1. Not to get into the gamer language to much , but using G* damn it or Jesus all the time is not good. Like Gabby and other streamer which I like use it too much. Hurts me thru my religion way more than if other words would hurt me. If you dont believe in our lord just use damn it or something else.

    • And this is exactly why this whole debate is ridiculous. Everyone is offended by different things. LSV claims it’s just common sense to not want to offend anybody. But in today’s society it’s everyone is perpetually offended. At what point does limiting your speech to not offend anyone start limiting effective communication? I would argue we are already there. Censorship by any other name smells just as foul. This clip from Last Man standing, while a parody for comedic effect, has more than a bit of truth in it.

    • And your assumption that the god they are requesting to damn things is the Christian God (and not any number of polytheistic beliefs) might well be frowned upon by one who believes that Odin might well damn the thing they’re speaking of.

      If you’re being legitimate in your request here Jason, my apologies for the use of an argument which likely doesn’t exactly touch where you’ve in mind, but I do feel it important to realise that there’s always another shoe and a different foot upon which to wear it. Cussing is a tad different to the sorts of language being discussed here, methinks.

      • Hey what your saying makes sense. Our christian lord called God and referred to as such in life and in the scriptures. So when hearing “G damn it” in between “Jesus Christ” being said all the time I just put 2 and 2 together. They could be talking about other fake gods but its unlikely hence the other christian bashing in the JC.

        No prob about your argument like I said it makes sense. My point was mainly saying about using our lords name in vain is something I dont like to hear. So I just watch something else prob solved 🙂 People worship many things yet you dont hear people saying “allah damnit” or others in regular streams of popular viewers.

        But for the cussing and other things like “rape” and diseases like the article is a whole matter of its own.

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