Limited Resources 434 – Marshall and Luis Interview Each Other

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis take a show to ask each other the important questions. They each wrote up about 15 questions without the other knowing, and then they through them at each other live on this week’s LR! 

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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4 thoughts on “Limited Resources 434 – Marshall and Luis Interview Each Other

  1. Did anyone find it a little irking that while Marshall, in answering Luis’ question about aspiring podcasters, opined strongly on the necessity of consistency and quality of content, as well as ~”offering content this specific and focused [LR] that wouldn’t otherwise be possible before podcasts,” yet, in a rare miss, this entire show was devoid of any magic content? Marshall also says something like “you can’t just get you and your friends in a room and talk about whatever,” which is fairly accurate depiction of this podcast.
    It even included some awkward moments where Luis obviously trolls Marshall and Marshall doesn’t take it on the chin with a laugh like he does 99% of the time but is clearly (and fairly) exasperated by the same joke and “appeals to the audience,” to which Luis sharply and awkwardly fires back “who are you talking to?”
    I’ve been listening to LR long enough (3+ years) to potentially enjoy a show a little lighter on content and more personal to the casters who I feel a bit of natural familiarity with even though I don’t know them, having listened to hundreds of hours of casting, but the questions were mostly inside jokes, trolls, reruns of old jokes (science/news stuff) or questions about magic players that didn’t relate to magic, e.g. eating contest.
    This kind of episode (other recent examples would be the Alpha set review, which, while somewhat interesting and entertaining, belongs in a different podcast . It still violates Marshall’s own good advice about podcasts, which is to be regular, consistent, and focused – I was playing in one of the series of MTGO PTQ finals that following weekend and was dying for some additional talk of RIX draft, which seems to keep evolving, but instead we’ve got a guy who is a real and true Vorthos (TBS) talking about 25 year old cards.
    Episodes like this are why I’m not a patron – many episodes are worth paying for, but I can’t stand it when I’m listening to war stories of Marshall and LSV having dinner and which random pro can eat more. I came here to get better at magic.

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