Limited Resources 437 – Dominaria Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis cover every single common and uncommon in Dominaria so that you can crush your prerelease, release and subsequent events! This set has the air of a core set, but with some significant wrinkles that could add up to a sweet one! 

(We did have some technical issues with the recording, so if Luis cuts out a bit, we apologize!)

Timestamps for the colors:

Gold Pair Cards: 0:06:33

Blue: 0:22:50

Black: 01:04:55

Red: 01:41:01

Green: 02:14:50

White: 02:46:22

Colorless/Land: 03:11:51

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8 thoughts on “Limited Resources 437 – Dominaria Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

    • Agreed, i think it’s the kind of card that fall under the radar because of its weirdness but are actually decent in the right deck to pretty good. A delayed draw 2 for two is still pretty good if you play it empty handed and most red decks will have creatures on the beat down for the IIIrd part (unless the opponent is *really* heavy on removal/boardwipe) at wich point most of them if not all either break even on a positive trade or deal a bunch of damage to the face. I can’t see this being an F, It’s at the very least a build around C-.

    • It won’t be as good as Midnight Oil. Draw 2 can’t just take over a long game. But I think it’s better than Marshall and Luis think.

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