Limited Resources 438 – Dominaria Set Review Rare and Mythic Rare

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis cover every single rare and mythic rare from Dominaria in the 2nd half of the big set review. The guys go in depth on each card to help you understand not just how good each one is, but when to use it and when not to. 

Timestamps for the colors:

Blue: 0:7:09

Black: 00:24:06

Red: 00:47:03

Green: 00:58:41

White: 01:10:06

Colorless/Land: 01:22:28

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4 thoughts on “Limited Resources 438 – Dominaria Set Review Rare and Mythic Rare

  1. For genius or grifter, where does not reminding your opponent that your lands are 2/2 creatures with reach and indestructible until the beginning of your next turn with Sylvan Awakening?

    • I don’t think you need to read the full text of every card you cast, but if you were to, say, form a game plan based around your opponent attacking into your lands, you’d be an idiot lol.

      • I’ve won 4 games so far off opponents attacking flyers into my indestructible reach lands. It may be anecdotal, but it gets the job done.

  2. Not quite correct re: lands in front. You are required to move your lands to the back if you are asked to by your opponent, but it is not a penalty to have them there to begin with.

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