Limited Resources 448 – Magic 2019 Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes Ben Seck back on the show for the M19 Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare. Marshall and Ben go over every single rare and mythic in M19 in detail so that you’ll have the upper hand going forward on the new set!

Red: 00:05:57

Green: 00:29:20

White: 00:57:42

Blue: 1:16:08

Black: 01:30:57

Gold/Colorless/Land: 01:50:52

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Ben Seck

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6 thoughts on “Limited Resources 448 – Magic 2019 Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

  1. Sarkhan planeswalker was pretty soliid. I think you guys may be underestimating the dragons deck and how common it will be. The common dragon has been solid and dragon egg also isn’t bad in a deck with dragon synergy. Obviously the uncommon dragon is fantastic. Sarkhan being able to ramp you into “kicking” your common dragon is gas and I did lose to the ultimate. The biggest downside of I saw is that the +1 is a liability against UB discard/mill. it’s a build around B. Same for the clancaller in green there are just enough playable elves (including the UG flyer) and ATM because this is underrated I actually saw THREEof these passed around at a draft table.

  2. Also how can you be so wrong about Chaos Wand? It is easily one of the best cards in the set it wins the game when you’re ahead and can pull you back from behind when you’re out of resources. It’s a straight bomb.

  3. Chaos Wand sounds great because you think you’re getting removal, but so far has been incredibly high variance. In 1 match, for 15 mana I got 2 duress when the opponent was empty handed & a Sovereign’s Bite.

  4. Just want to belatedly say how awesome TBS was on his stint co-hosting! Enjoyed his insight very much and great chemistry between the two of you.

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