Limited Resources 540 – Ikoria Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis cover every single common and uncommon in Ikoria! This set looks wild, with a ton of awesome mechanics and a lot going on as far as gameplay is concerned. 

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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5 thoughts on “Limited Resources 540 – Ikoria Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

  1. This set seems so hard to draft, it’s going to be quite the puzzle. Like, what are you supposed to do in Red-White? Go wide or cycle a ton? And it only gets more complicated unless you’re UG mutate, which I hope to be every game, not only because it’s easy to draft but also seems the most powerful archetype.

    • This set does look difficult to draft, and I’m here for it.
      When I look at screenshots of draft picks on twitter, companions almost feel like another color, because they provide another restriction on your picks like color naturally does.

  2. I tried UG mutate, after opening trumpeting gnarr as my pack 1, pick 1 and got thoroughly stomped by a Boros Cycling deck in game one. UG was hugely over drafted in my pod, and I’d expect that to be the case a lot of the time. Just my two cents as a fairly inexperienced drafter.

    • Well, you chose to force your first. You’re supposed to stay open and draft the colours that are open in your seat otherwise your deck won’t have a decent power level on average and you’ll have to get lucky and have the colours you’re forcing be open which will not happen usually. Of course the times it does happen you’ll probably 3-0. You should read Ben Stark’s “drafting the hard way.” It explains all this very thoroughly.

      • Thanks for the article! I agree that forcing the deck was a bad idea and I’ve been looking for ways to improve (why I’m here), although I ended up going 3-3 even with the over drafting happening.

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