Limited Resources – Special Arena Update with Ryan Spain (Human Drafting is here!)

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes Ryan Spain back on the show to bring us the big news from MTG Arena: Human drafts will be live soon! Super awesome to get this functionality finally (and earlier than we thought) but it also brought a restructuring of the prizes and queues. Is it all good news? Find out in this quick bonus edition of LR!

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6 thoughts on “Limited Resources – Special Arena Update with Ryan Spain (Human Drafting is here!)

  1. Hi, I already made a post on the subreddit, so sorry if I’m a bit too pushy about it but I wanted to make sure that this is acknowledged.

    There is a slight miscalculation in the spread sheet, when adding the pack value Ryan forgot to multiply it by the chance you have to get those pack like the normal gem pay off, making each pack fully added to the total EV. Since the old BO3 as more different results and so more packs in the total prize structure it gave it an non existent advantage in the spreadsheet.

    This is what this part of the spreadsheet should look like :

  2. This is too much math for no reason. It’s pretty obvious that the 7 wins/ 3 losses format is the most efficient because it takes 5 wins out of 7 to get your money back and at 4 you only lose 100 gems. The best of 3 format is despicably inefficient. You need 3 out of 3 wins to get your money back. Sure it doubles it but at 2-1 (which takes above average skill to achieve consistently) you lose 500 gems. At least with the old traditional draft it only took 3 out of 5 wins, which takes above average win percentage, but not that hard to achieve, to get your money back. 1000 gems for a 2-1 result is attrocious. It should have been 1400.

    • Both 2 wins and 3 wins are now better for new Traditional than old Traditional (And you still have to go minimum 2-1 in order to get to two wins). The only real catch is that you have to get 3 wins without dropping a match (the pack loss at 1 win is pretty marginal compared to the bump in prizes for 2 + 3 wins), which is a bit less wiggle room, but I’d take that trade off if it means that 3 wins = two free drafts (while also not raising the entry free and adding an alternate entry fee).

      • I’m sorry but I think your logic a flaud. 2 wins in this new traditional draft isn’t the same as 2 wins in the old one. The old one went up to 5 wins this new one is 3 matches win or lose. Going consistently 2-1 isn’t as easy as it sounds it actually takes above average win percentage. It’s roughly at the level of going to 3 wins in the old version except that then you got 1500 gems which was your draft entry, now it’s only 1000. As for going 3-0, well if you can more power to you but that’s the equivalent of going 5 wins. It will happen, but unless you’re Ben Stark it won’t happen that much.

  3. I loved hearing about Ryan’s “quarantine cuisine!” I’m grain-free so I don’t eat cereal, but I do love frozen fruit in a bowl with something crunchy and a dairy product. I have bananas and berries with fermented cream and nuts. Sometimes I toast the nuts in butter, and then put them onto the frozen fruit when they’re still hot. Hot nuts on cold fruit and cream are like a sundae, and I love the way the butter hardens up and coats the fruit.

  4. Seriously, this is episode 539-1? What track number am I supposed to use for this? I get that you don’t consider this a full episode, but please don’t use non-numerical numbering schemes for episodes that are clearly meant to be heard in sequence.

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